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App description: Lace up your gloves and do battle with a colorful cast of hulking opponents, each with a unique fighting style. Dodge, duck, and punch your way to victory in a rousing romp of old-timey arcade boxing action! Take on Jersey Joe, Moose McGee, Super Ivan, Mean Bean, Kimber Slash, Palooka Pete, Rasta King, Kid Turbo, and more!

Swipe left/right to dodge. Swipe down to duck. Tap to pepper opponent with jabs or land a thundering body blow. Build your KO power to unleash devastating hooks and uppercuts. Dodge or duck big punches, then unleash brutal combinations while your opponent is off balance.

Stroffolino's comments:

Pocket Boxing was one of the first boxing games for iPhone. It started out as a shameless remake of PunchOut Arcade (1983). The original (and still available) premium game mapped controls to a diamond-like shape, with tapping to different portions of the screen mapped to punches, dodging, ducking, guard movement.

At one point back when Apple was exploring their own iAd technology, a representative reached out to me and recommended that I make a free full iAd supported version available. iAds ended up being be abandoned (by Apple) later, turning the ad supported version into a "free full game."

Pocket Boxing TV is a free refreshed port of the original game, chock full of little enhancements including:
- extra animation frames, new hit/blocking impact effects
- UI improvements back-ported from the Apple TV port. Dodging and ducking are now intuitively simple swipes. Tapping peppers the opponent with jabs, and upward swipes throw jaw crunching hooks (once your power meter is full).
- AI changes and a twists on incarnations of existing opponents, including Kimber Slice (RIP) and Kid Turbo.

There's currently a single optional IAP for "infinite rematches" that lets you continue exactly where you left off instead of having to restart at the beginning of a circuit.

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Oh hell yeah! I loved this game, insta-download
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It's the new Mike Tyson Punchout!!