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App description: Construct and level up buildings to gain gold! Make Billions and expand your cities. Use use skills to make more money. Advance through time to discover new cities and powerful technologies.

* Five different ages and unique cities
* Simple and intuitive game design for quick gameplay sessions
* Powerful technology tree that unfolds by completing different ages
* Monuments and Wonders with upgrades
* Skill system which enables faster progression through the eras
* Challenges and rewards

* Use Digital Crown or swipes to move in the game world
* Construct buildings that generate money
* Level up houses to gain more population
* Expand your empire to new districts
* Visit Shop for free gifts and use skills for faster progress
* Unlock new Technologies by Advancing into future Eras

5/5 I didnt know a game this amazing could be made to use on an Apple Watch. Good job!
5/5 Easy, intuitive and gorgeous graphics.
5/5 This game is amazing!
5/5 Its an really fun game! Cant stop playing!

Download the Game of the Year 2017 for Apple Watch now! Micropolis is an idle game with a civilization theme that spans through thousands of years. Can you unlock all five worlds?

Everywear Games is worlds leading wearable game studio. The company operates in a unique watch first model creating game experiences that are optimized for Apple Watch and iPhone.

PLEASE NOTE: Micropolis is completely free to download and play, but some game items may be purchased for real money. To disable this, turn off the in-app purchases in your device's settings.


Thank you!
09-20-2017, 02:10 PM
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Was going to give this a try but it requires iOS 11
09-20-2017, 04:07 PM
Joined: Jan 2014
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Same here, hope developers realize not all of us will be updating anytime soon / or at all.....
09-20-2017, 05:33 PM
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I'm a sucker for AR, so I took the plunge and updated. Now for those of you holding out, if you planned on playing this app on your phone or tablet, worry not, you are missing out on absolutely nothing. If you have an Apple Watch on the other hand, this could be worth looking into, though I can't confirm as I don't own one myself. The thing about this particular idler is that it is simplified and streamlined to the most absolute basics of an idler. You have a building in front of you, after it's collected enough gold to level up you click on it and it goes up a level. Tapping on the screen will not give you currency or any bonuses, and the buildings are the only thing you level up. Level up the building enough and you can build another one next to it(Building a new one has a timer that can't be sped up, I'm waiting for six hours for my next building to finish). This continues on and is all there is to it. So what this app appears to be going for with its simplicity is the first cute little idler for your Apple watch with actual graphics. You will not enjoy this if you love idlers/clickers/tappers/incrementals on your phone or tablet, it manages to take an already simple genre and make it too simple to keep any interest.
09-21-2017, 12:41 AM
Joined: Jun 2017
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Hi guys,

We're a little unusual dev as we focus on Apple Watch. Our target platform for Micropolis is watchOS 4, which requires iOS 11 to run. Sorry for the inconvenience if you're running on previous OS versions.

If you do have an Apple Watch please check the game. Visuals here: https://youtu.be/Wq8WQPE1UZU