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App description: Mine gems, collect Pickaxes and discover treasure-filled Biomes in PickCrafter!

Tap or swing to break blocks and collect Picks in this pixel-style clicker. Use your Picks to unlock new Skill Tree points! Break blocks to find Chests loaded with treasure. Craft many collectibles. Explore different Biomes and see if you can reach them all. Can you collect all of the Pickaxes and score to the top of the leaderboards?

Mine rare ores in this block-breaking adventure! Try and make it to a billion Picks and collect all of the Pickaxes. Can you become a billionaire and unlock alien worlds like the Moon Biome? Find snow in the Tundra or explore space when you unlock the Mars Biome!

Collect rare and special Pickaxes made of Gold, Candy, Heart, Fire, Alien, Cookie and more!
Craft different treasures with blocks and ores. Can you FTB (farm the blocks) and reach The End?
Unlock all of your Abilities! TNT, Enchant Spell, Drill, Critical Strike Potion and now more!
PickCrafter is a mining rpg game for people who love to mine, craft, and tap - even while idle or offline!

Download now to unleash your inner treasure hunter in PickCrafter!


Tap to break blocks and earn Picks
Craft and upgrade epic Pickaxes
Use Abilities to boost your strength
Explode blocks with TNT
Collect blocks while you are idle in the Biomes
Discover and explore unique Biomes
Prestige to reach new heights
Battle with your friends and rank up on the leaderboard
Over 90 achievements to unlock!


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Need help? Visit our support page https://fiveamp.freshdesk.com/support/home or send us a message at support@Pickcrafter.com


Note: PickCrafter is free to play tap game and all items can be obtained through standard gameplay, however the option to purchase content using real money exists.

MartiePie's comments:

Hey everyone!

We have finally finished the huge v3.0 update for PickCrafter!
For anyone who is not familiar with PickCrafter - it’s a pixel-style/Minecraft themed clicker game!

Currently available on Mobile: iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows Phone.
Web versions are up on Kongregate and Facebook, but they are still running v2 - we are working hard to get v3 out on web ASAP!

Here's a little gameplay trailer:https://youtu.be/s0gfve35z_k

Youtube link | Pop Up

We have a Discord server with an active community of players discussing the game. We encourage anyone interested in the game to join
We appreciate any feedback, bug reports, and suggestions!

Happy picking!

Team Fiveamp
10-02-2017, 01:56 AM
Joined: Oct 2012
Posts: 280
I prestiged once but now my pickaxe feels very slow and i don't have any option to get a new (faster) one.

Edit: nevermind, just discovered that you can level up your pickaxes

Last edited by wyzau; 10-02-2017 at 02:09 AM.
10-12-2017, 03:19 AM
Joined: Oct 2012
Posts: 280
is there a way to get more than 3 ender pearls from prestige?
i'd have to prestige nine (!) times without buying anything to get the 'Eye of the Ender Pickaxe'

another question:
how do i get to Herobrine's Lair? it seems i can craft some sort of books, but the only resources i got for those books are from chests - i never got to Herobrine's Lair.

Last edited by wyzau; 10-12-2017 at 03:22 AM.