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View Poll Results: What should the next animal in Slankys be?
A leprechaun that gives a big score bonus [Bonus] 0 0%
A grumpy sloth that slows you down [Challenge] 0 0%
A troll that switches your direction [Challenge] 1 100.00%
Other - Post below with more ideas! 0 0%
Voters: 1. You may not vote on this poll
App description: UNICORNS, CATS, and PUFFINS, OH MY! Help Slanky reach infinity in this wacky endless runner. Test your skills and get tons of upgrades! Tap, tap, tap some more - all you need is 1 hand for this auto scroller! It's super simple, see if you can beat your high score.

- Get wacky, get serious, get silly get fun. Vibrant color, 50's themed encouragement messages, and a whole lot of fun.

- Climb the ladders, reach new platforms, build your high score, see how high you can get! Run automatically so you can focus on the challenge - stay on the platform!

- Ride unicorns and carry them up ladders. The unicorns have rollerblades, because who doesn't love a skating unicorn?

- Strap on a cat with a rocket and go ZOOM!

- Rely on your buddy, Mr Puffin, to save you when you need him the most. Collect Puffins for extra lives.

- Avoid the fairies, no matter how charming they are. Did I mention they are magical?

- What's at the end of a rainbow? Tons of money of course! Get more points with the pot of gold pick-up!

- Infinite number of upgrades, keep playing and boost your skills!

- Compete to get the highest score between you and your friends!

- Beautiful music to keep the beat

- Ready? Download now! Go, go, go!

Visit our website at: https://base11studios.com/slankys-big-climb/

Base11 Studios is an Indie development studio. We build apps and games in our spare time. Check out our portfolio at https://base11studios.com.

base11studios's comments:

Hi guys! I just released my second game to the app store and would love some feedback. It is a wacky, vibrant, vertical endless runner that is super easy to play. All you need is 1 finger, tap to change directions, and climb as high as you can!

There are skating unicorns, rocket cats, parachute puffins, and magic fairies. Vote in the poll below and let me know what to add to the game next!

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