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[ALPHA] Gloomy Z Dev's diary.

09-25-2017, 06:08 AM
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[BETA] TESTFLIGHT ! Gloomy Z Dev's diary- Shooter+TD: teaser

GLOOMY Z Testflight is open!

If you want to try Gloomy Z, just mail us at info@agapornigames.com

Hi Toucharcadians!

Im Olmo Castrillo, game designer at Agaporni Games, a small indie Spanish developer who previously released Dissident, a handmade designed shooter-runner (you can download it in the Appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dissident/id1201277611?mt=8). Were also producing Boxtrip, a skill based runner which is now on TestFlight: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=309383.

Were proud to introduce in this forum the alpha version of our third project:

Zombies are coming! Take your best weapons to fight them before they tear down your tower. Gloomy Z is a shooter-tower defense hybrid in a black silhouettes cartoon style.


- Easy to play: tap over the zombies to shoot them, switch and reload your weapons by one single touch!

- Earn and choose among different weapons and tools to fight the zombie horde.

- Upgrade your weapons stats to smash stronger foes.

- Unlock new thematic worlds where more monsters, weapons and mechanics await you.

- Black cartoon silhouettes against a wide variety of backgrounds.

Release Date: Winter 2017
Platform: IOs and Android.
Age: 12 +


While having some tower-defense elements, Gloomy Z gameplay core is shooter with a tactic component. Your main character wont auto shoot, so you will have to press the screen in order to use your guns.

Every weapon has different stats. For example, the shotgun is lethal on the short range but harmless if the target is far away. Or the auto rifle has low impact but a high cadence, dealing great DPS. You can upgrade your weapon stats in the workshop.

At the begining of each level you will have an amount of resource points to spend on your weapons and tools. The guns will have unlimited ammo but the tools (like grenades or barricades) will be consumables.

However, every weapon has an ammo capacity. When the clip is empty, youll have to wait the cooldown for your weapon to be ready. Then its the time to switch to another one and blast those zombies away!
So Gloomy Z gameplay juice is about choosing the appropiate weapon in each situation and reloading weapons before they run out of ammo. You will need your best gun to be ready in the most dangerous situation!

Introducing a few enemies:

Standard zombies: because every game needs a regular soldier!

Skydiver: the flying enemies will insta-kill you. Dont let them grab you!

Chainsaw: this little one has low hp but he is really speedy!

Colossus: a tank. Slow but relentless, your regular guns won't make him stagger.

Dragoon: a flying enemy more resilient than the sky-divers.


Were working now on the first and second world (20- 25 levels per world). Every world will have different backgrounds and new game mechanics.

The theme of the first world is the West. So you will find stuff like wagons with gold or dinamite moving toward your postion.

The second world is the Highlands. You will find foggy levels and dragons. Youll be able to use the castle door to smash the incoming zombies. But beware, other menaces could enter then inside the castle once the door is open!

As you can see, everything is alpha material. We are making graphic and design upgrades every day, so stay tunned. Well be posting some GIFS and videos this week.

Looking forward for your feedback.


The Agaporni Games Team.

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10-13-2017, 02:16 AM
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Gloomy Z teaser

Youtube link | Pop Up

In this teaser you can listen two loops from the original OST that Tony Domenech composed for us. Here you can check some of the iterations he made looking for an appropiate mood: https://soundcloud.com/tonywork/sets...-game-thematic.
10-14-2017, 01:43 AM
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Definitely looking forward to this. Looks like a chill game. I like the upgrade system and the maps ad characters look pretty good also. Cant wait to hear on the progress of this game
12-20-2017, 07:48 AM
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Hi TouchArcadians!

We’ve been working on Gloomy Z and implementing several features that we want to show you:


At the moment we’ve 50 LEVELS waiting for you to beat them: 25 on the Western United States and 25 on the Highlands. Each world has new features, like the West wagons or the Highlands fog. Get 3 stars on each level to earn the diamonds that will allow you to upgrade your weapons!

- As you might probably know, in some levels your tower will be placed in the middle of the scenary. Be extra careful, as enemies will be coming from both sides and you’ll have half the time than usual to react!


These levels are going to be a break in the game flow. Instead of defending your tower, you’ll have to protect three civilians from the zombie horde till some rescue vehicle come. In these challenging levels you’ll be shooting with a extremely powerful gatling gun. Be careful about the gatling temperature!

New enemies will chase you, like the “Skellington”, an extremely resiliant foe who reasembles himself after dying, the “Armstrong”, a tank able to move quicker than the colossus, and the jumping heads.

Of course, you’ll have new weapons and tools to face the horde, such as the sniper rifle, the mines and the spikes.

We’ve been also polishing the UI, adding more feedback like the damage numbers popping from the enemies and an horde counter to let you how many waves of enemies do you have to defeat.

What are we working on now?


Besides polishing the game, we’re working on a procedural system that will allow you to play the game longer, facing new challenges and earning more weapons.

Once you unlock the challenges from the story mode flow, you’ll be able beat a challenge every day. You can choose between three difficulty levels. The harder the level, the better the reward. You can claim a treasure box for beating a daily challenge level.

Inside the reward boxes you can find gold, diamonds or even pieces to build new weapons unavailable in the story mode, such as the SMG, the rocket launcher, the laser and the flame thrower.


We're improving the backgrounds by adding more animations.

We think the Testflight will be released on early January, so stay tunned.


The Agaporni Games Team.

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02-19-2018, 04:52 AM
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If you want to beta test Gloomy Z, just mail us to info@agapornigames.com.

We're waiting for you to try it!