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Morphite Tips, Tricks, Hidden Stuff Guide Thread *Lots of Spoilers*

09-26-2017, 09:12 AM
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Morphite Tips, Tricks, Hidden Stuff Guide Thread *Lots of Spoilers*

Just starting this because a lot of people are asking me questions about various things in the game,
and there are a random things to find in the game.

Here are some basics:

Upgrade your ships fuel capacity first before anything else.

Look for Conversion Chambers in caves and space stations. They are used to upgrade your suit if you have
a rare scan and minerals that it needs.

Trinket Boxes are hidden on various story planets and in caves typically on random planets.
They have little upgrades for your suit or weapons, or sometimes things that affect your space travel.

The Grappling hook is a very useful tool and it is found on Dantu.
You can use it to pick up minerals from far away, grapple to pillars, stalagtites, even grapple to animals.
You can upgrade it to stun animals as well.

Shoot stalagmites and ice formations! Sometimes they have chunks!

The Auto Rifle - despite doing less damage, can be very useful when there are a lot of enemies present.
It also works great with bosses.

Be sure to have Puggles help you out in Boss fights!

Ok now onto the level guides will start with plants 1-3.

Aven: The basic tutorial planet, but there is an underwater area that has a few minerals and more scans.
Be sure to shoot the vases in the temple to get more chunks, ammo, and health

Jorla: Lots of plant life to scan on this planet. This is where you acquire the grenade power up, by bringing the Morphite found in the temple with you, to the altar. The grenades are used to open areas throughout the game, ala zelda, so be sure to get this! There are some off the beaten path side missions that
are semi complicated, as well as a hidden trinket box near the mountain in the center.
For the Lella Tree and Lella Pie missions, you'll have to first accept the Lella Pie mission, then come back later when you either a) have a more powerful jump or b) have the holo platform
You'll be able to get inside the pie shop to accept the Lella Tree mission. Then go to random planets to look for the Lella Tree to find its berries.

Hexon: Another hidden trinket somewhere near the boss area. A few star wars references, and a shop where you can upgrade your items. Shooting the power modules near the first area isn't really necessary because you can jump up over the water to get to the blocked cave area. Then use grenades to go down into the cave. Don't go in the teleporter, its only used to get you back out if you get stuck. There is a random side mission in the little village area. You can scan the big elephant and the moisture vaporator looking thing.
This is where you'll get your first Planetary Arc Fragment.