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[BETA] Armed Heist (iOS)

09-26-2017, 09:55 AM
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[BETA] Armed Heist (iOS)

Hi guys!

We have a new upcoming game for iOS called Armed Heist, an action packed third person shooter that lets you take down jewelry stores, banks and armored cars - climbing the ranks and becoming a legendary bank robber.

As you progress the jobs become bigger, better and more rewarding. Along with earning more cash, you collect and level-up weapons, to unlock attachments and build the craziest modified guns you have ever seen!

The official trailer is not ready, but for your guys we have included a gameplay video:

First out is the iOS version with an Android release later this year.

We are planning to softlaunch in October and we would like to invite you guys for early access.

Register directly on the official website:

Armed Heist requires newer devices to run. We recommend using at least iPhone SE.

We will continue to update the thread with features and content!

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09-26-2017, 10:30 AM
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Whelp, I signed up quickly

Canít wait for the test flight on this! If i get in, i want to do my best to help you find bugs and help polish an already amazing looking game! No questions yet. But i sure do feel the anticipation

09-26-2017, 10:50 AM
Looks amazing! Will there be MFI controller support?
09-26-2017, 10:58 AM
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Looks great; would love to help you test but the signup form only lets me enter numbers in the name field. (I’m not near a computer so maybe it’s because I’m on my phone?)
09-26-2017, 11:03 AM
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Kimchisoju - Thanks! We will be sure to add you in the next couple of days!

Stelph - We haven't considered this, i will forward to our CTO as a feature request!

MetaGonzo - Well the website is also in "BETA" we will fix this, btw on stationary/browser it works!
09-26-2017, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by SOZAP View Post
MetaGonzo - Well the website is also in "BETA"
Thatís the spirit!

Iíve sent you a pm
09-26-2017, 11:46 AM
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Here is some modest AK47 mods from the game!

09-27-2017, 02:42 AM
I've been playing the closet beta and it's just great. Controls work splendid and it just looks damn sweet, great work!
09-27-2017, 03:31 AM
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Here are some maxed out SMG's

09-27-2017, 04:12 AM
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Really great game

Iíve been fortunate enough to get an invite to the closed beta and i must say that iíve never played a better shooter before. The controls and feedback are great, esepcially if you got a phone that supports 3D touch. Progression needs a bit of work but iím sure the developers are aware of this. Cant wait for the release and i will for sure follow this game!