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Freemium/Free-to-play Five hundred Fifty Five dollar challenge

09-29-2017, 02:27 AM
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Freemium/Free-to-play Five hundred Fifty Five dollar challenge

I recently updated Plants Vs. Zombies 2 on my Ipad Air (it's running ios8). I didn't want to updates from ios7 on my Ipod Touch 5 due to concerns of losing game, even if remote (plus, its battery is dying).

They made some nice improvements, but at the end, it's still a f2p game. Although the leveling up of plants that was introduced many, many months ago seems to be noticeably quicker, it's still a lot of grinding. However, if I was given $555 and told I had to spend it only within freemium games, I wouldn't mind. I don't believe it would make me a "god", but it would definitely go a long way towards that, and probably close enough.

How would you spend $555 on freemium/f2p stuff, and being limited to only freemium/f2p content?
09-29-2017, 06:20 PM
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Oh this is a simple answer. FF:RK gem packs. That would buy one draw right now and 1 draw at least for phase three on. Maybe a thousand gems for inventory expansion and rest 11x relic draws for soul breaks I do not have