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Banana Bunch (by 1Button)

10-02-2017, 10:22 AM
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Banana Bunch (by 1Button)

Hi guys!

We are back with a new little game called Banana Bunch! We will launch it this Thursday (October 5). In this game, you help Eugene the monkey climbing the tallest banana tree in the world and grabbing as many bananas as possible.

Eugene automatically jumps on tree branches and bananas, and smoothly moves left or right with tilt gestures. You lose if Eugene falls from the tree, or hits a bird or a spike, so be careful!

A bunch of items and powerups can be used such as Jetpacks, Super Bananas, Banana Magnets, or Shield. No need to explain, you will quickly understand how they work

Several environments are available: jungle, twilight jungle, night jungle, winter jungle… Yes, it’s all about jungle!

Additional playable characters can be unlocked with bananas.
Banana Bunch is part of the same “universe” as our game Nekosan, we are using the same characters, plus some new ones. If you are old enough to remember our first games, you will also recognize Mr Flap, who now tries to prevent you from climbing the tree…

Banana Bunch is free with a few ads. There are 2 optional IAPs: remove ads and unlock Maurice the pig.

As usual, if you want to try Banana Bunch before the launch, send me a PM

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