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App description: Here we go again! Meet our fearless girl, a few years later!

Zombies! Where??? Dragons!What???
Cowboys, armored mechs and spaceships! Why?!
So many questions No time for answers now, guys. The zombie apocalypse is already here!
Hurry up! Hop on your machine dragon and fight to save humanity!

Slide down the hills jumping into and out of the ground, crashing and destroying everything on your way in this action-packed adventure.
Discover thrilling and magical lands filled with zombies, giants, dragons and tons of surprises.


Super fun, fast and furious gameplay
Fully destructible terrain (buildings, bridges, vehicles and more)
Epic boss battles, 28 towers to conquer and 4 completely different and exciting worlds to explore
Upgradeable weapons, dragons and explosive power-ups available for unlocking
Easy to learn, intuitive one-touch controls combined with innovative gameplay
Achievements and leaderboards to compete with friends

Get ready for crazy adventures with this instantly playable and simple to control game!
10-11-2017, 08:19 AM
Joined: Mar 2014
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Gameplay awesome

10-11-2017, 08:37 AM
Joined: Jul 2012
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10-11-2017, 08:47 AM
Joined: Sep 2012
Location: New York, NY
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Will try and sneak some game time in between meetings.
10-11-2017, 08:51 AM
Joined: Sep 2014
Location: Greece
Posts: 1,805
Gonna buy it tonight also! Would love it if there are different playable dragons and princesses in this, and not just as powerups like in the first. In any case, the new settings look so fun

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10-11-2017, 09:51 AM
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10-11-2017, 10:31 AM
Joined: Mar 2015
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Here, take my money already.
This looks amazing, I loved the first one!

Thank you so much for making it premium
10-11-2017, 10:35 AM
Joined: Nov 2015
Posts: 1,242
Other than the setting, is there much else new in this over the first one?
10-11-2017, 11:26 AM
Joined: May 2012
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Originally Posted by anthony78 View Post
Other than the setting, is there much else new in this over the first one?
I would like to know this too -

But also, BOUGHT!
10-11-2017, 01:46 PM
Joined: Aug 2011
Posts: 1,583
Bought. Had no idea this was coming, loved the first one to bits.