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iPhone Thermal Throttling - performance brightness frame-rate

10-12-2017, 05:19 AM
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iPhone Thermal Throttling - performance brightness frame-rate


I hope you’re all well. Thanks to toucharcade I’ve been using my iPhone more and more for gaming. So much so that I went whole hog and just got an iPhone 8 Plus, upgrading from a regular 6S. This is my first post here so apologies if I am breaking any etiquette, I did make sure to read the rules, and I hope this is an appropriate topic as it’s so tied to gaming, and in the right sub forum.

I occasionally had some issue with the 6S getting a bit hot and forcibly dimming the brightness when playing a game like War Robots, but I could usually alleviate that by taking the case off and/or disconnecting from the charger. Playing Morphite or War Robots on the 8 Plus can make it super-duper hot, without case or charger. The brightness will first be limited to about 75%, then it’ll go to 50%. But with Morphite I’ve had the framerate drop into the 10s, I believe due to thermal throttling. Leaving the app for about 20 seconds allows it to cool enough to go back to 60fps but it will go right back down to the 10s in short order. I’ve confirmed the performance drop, once already hot, by running things like 3DMark Slingshot Extreme.

This has been a game specific issue so I thought you guys would be the best to ask and see if you’re having similar experiences and to see if this is in the range of normal or if I have a lemon on my hands, before I consider returning it.

I could swear that I wasn’t having this issue before the update from 11 to 11.0.2. The phone wa setuo fresh.


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