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[Beta] Giants War - Strategy RPG with Strong Exploration

10-17-2017, 05:35 PM
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[Beta] Giants War - Strategy RPG with Strong Exploration


We recently started the beta testing period for one of our upcoming games, strategy RPG "Giants War." The beta period will run from October 16 to October 26. Giants War has strong exploration and base building elements, and players will be able to progress through the world of Giants War with a high degree of freedom.

iOS Beta Download
iOS Link

Android Beta Download
Android Link


Build and Defend Your Base: Grow your base to acquire more resources, but be sure to invest in Giants for protection from invading players!

Base Pillaging: Raid other players’ bases and defeat their Giants to make their resources your own (party with up to 10 heroes)

Easy, Engaging Exploration System: Explore the world of Giants War with a simple touch. Each possible path is displayed as a card that users can click to choose how to proceed.

Spontaneous Adventure: Exploration is randomized, so no exploration is the same.

Charming Fantasy Art Direction: Giants War's world and its inhabitants are as quirky and cute as they are deadly.

Crisp Visuals: Made with the latest Unity engine, Giants War features sharp visuals and beautiful skill animations.

Rewarding Side Quests: Completing side quests rewards players with materials needed to progress. Players can unlock additional side quests by collecting more heroes.

Giants War Facebook

Giants War Official Forum

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10-18-2017, 04:06 AM
One issue im having with this game so far. It always having to "load" in the next action of which i dont understand why after i spent 10 mins downloading additional content. It seems its having to connect to the server for every action i want to do, cant this be cut down in some way?

I understand that auto playing has to be a standard feature when it comes to the Asia market, yet it be better if you give player the option to turn it on instead of characters just start fighting as soon as fight starts?

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