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App description: Introduction

The world of men have been plagued and many possessed by demons.
In Dungeons of Hell you travel deep down into the lair of evil.
Your quest is to kill Baal, Malphas and The Devil himself.


Play as a lone hero in a challenging quest against hordes of demons, clear the dungeons to get more equipment and experience to unlock new and powerful abilities.

The game is procedural which means that you get to fight in different maps always, sometimes giving advantages sometimes not.

Main Features

- Plan your strategy
- Tactical choices
- Procedural dungeons
- Progressive difficult
- Skills to unlock and use
- Permanent death, you die, you start over again, but relax, it's so fast you won't even notice and you will be playing a lot better next time
- Boss encounters!
10-19-2017, 01:14 PM
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Now I KNOW this game looks very similar to Hoplite, but according to the developer it's supposed to be quite different.

So, because I know how these things usually go, if you're here just to say "HOPLITE CLONE!!" but haven't actually played the game yet, then just please save your comment. I'd love to hear how similar/different the two games are but only from people who have actually played, otherwise what's the point?

So in an effort to hopefully keep this thread from getting spammed with a million comments based on how the game looks, please keep the above in mind.

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