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App description: Help Luther the Churchs Reformer to safety on his perilous journey. Help him escape from his cruel pursuer and continue spreading out Gods truth and Gospel to the world. Learn the churchs history through this amazing adventure game!

This is a unique Christian game that tells the story of Martin Luther, The Reformer who had reform the church and preached about the true Gospel from Jesus. He is a true inspiration for every Christian to stand up to the truth. The story began after he nailed his 95 Theses to the gates of the church of Wittenberg and the Pope outlawed him. Help Luther escaping from the city of Worms with his companions after he staunchly defended Gods truth.

As you help him on his journey, you will experience so many adventures, collect historical artefacts, and learn more about the history and important characters of that time. You also have to satisfy the needs of each person, including their hunger, thirst, fatigue, and faith. Its certainly a very exciting adventure that requires you to have good strategy and logic.

Its certainly isnt an easy journey. But he has God on his side, so dont fear. Move onward and defend the true teaching of God!

Outstanding church game for kids and adults.
Fun and exciting adventure game.
Unique graphic and game animation.
Plan and strategize your escape based on the needs of each person.
Learn about the history of Christianity, especially the Church Reformation
Experience the adventure of Martin Luther and his friends during their journey
Choose wisely because your choices will determine the story and your future

How to play Luthers Journey:
In this game, you have to help Luther and his companions to evade their pursuers. Initially, you will have some provisions like medicinal herbs, water, and other things to trade and use. When they run out, then you will get into trouble. So think about how to get new provisions during your journey and how to satisfy the needs of each companion.
You will encounter many choices during your journey. Choose wisely for these choices will affect your adventure. Sometimes the choice you make will affect speed, provisions, faith, and other aspects of the game. Sometimes you will have to trade, pick fruits, sleep, pray, or do other stuff. But you also need to watch out because the soldiers are hot on your heels. Once they capture you, then its GAME OVER, and you have to restart the chapter.

However, even if you get caught, dont despair. Just try and replay the chapter again using different strategy to get different outcome.


If you encounter any issue during playing, please email us and we will resolve the issue immediately. If you like our game, please give us a rating and review!

BigDich's comments:

https://youtu.be/H7f6gMhvOyk">Low bandwidth Version | https://youtu.be/H7f6gMhvOyk" target="_new">Pop Up
10-26-2017, 01:47 AM
I'd love to see this one in action. The links aren't working for me. My employer is diving into the reformation currently and this would be a fun game to share if I like it.
10-26-2017, 04:49 PM
Anyone have a vid of this in action? I can't find anything.

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