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#SAVE🐣 Animal Hero - WarioWare style minigames

11-01-2017, 11:38 AM
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#SAVE🐣 Animal Hero - WarioWare style minigames

Hi there!

Platonic Games here, finally ready to launch our next game ‘#SAVE🐣 Animal Hero’ tomorrow November 2nd. A game that talks about animal abuse frivolization through a series of seemingly happy mini games. All its proceeds will be donated to WWF, hopefully adding a grain of sand to help changing the sad reality the game itself portrays.


Which one is the smallest of the worlds? A super-globalized Earth? Life inside an ant colony? Pluto? When we thought about it for a while, we realised the smallest of the worlds may be something oppressive instead.

Think about a cage.

Think about having each day less space to live.

Think about someone controlling and limiting all your actions, every day.

Think about living only to serve and die.

Think about not being human in this world.

We created the smallest of the worlds… but it might not be the world we enforce the animals to live in. The smallest of the worlds could also be our narrow mind, every time we refuse to see what we are really doing :’(


We wanted to “talk” about as many topics as possible, so we though a bunch of simple-but-addictive mini games would fit this goal. Inspired by Wario Ware games like ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ we wanted #SAVE🐣 to feel friendly but meaningful at the same time. Hope we achieved it!


*game jam version; we're finishing the new trailer

So, if you like arcade minigames with simple and addictive mechanics - and you also want to change the world - you may enjoy playing #SAVE🐣!

Thanks for reading, we would really appreciate your feedback
11-09-2017, 10:50 PM
I think it's clever how you kind of disguise the deeper message behind what seems to be an unassuming mini-game. I have a deep appreciation for games that seek to convey a message, and #Save certainly seems to do that. I just hope people will take the time to play it and, more importantly, think about it.