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Im looking for help in publishing a physics bee game (publishers/investors/partners)

11-02-2017, 05:10 AM
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Im looking for help in publishing a physics bee game (publishers/investors/partners)


How does one find a publisher or people who would be interested in working with me to relaunch a game?

For the past couple years I have been developing a game which is a bit odd because for some reason no one has ever done it before. Basically I took a physics engine and I put a matching game inside of it. It all sounds really simple and you would think it should be out there but take a look for yourself, not even the major studios have done something like this.

Here is a video preview link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhIyRNveE-g

After spending the last month doing a major overhaul I have put the game in beta and anyone who is interested can try it, on google its in open beta and you can down load it from the link below, on Apple please let me know you are interested so I can have a TestFlight invitation sent out.


Right now im trying to find help, im only really good at doing one thing and thats developing the game, the industry though is much more complicated then that and there are many things i dont know how to do but i am committed to following through and, if you are interested in asking any questions or would like to help, i would be happy to talk to you.

Please let me know if you have any questions and for now ill post the media kit below

Thank you,

Justin Leonhard


I need help to bring a pioneering prototype game to market.

Matching games have grown tired and derivative: Bejeweled, Candy Crush, Gardenscapes, Gummy Drop, Shariki and others repeat a formula established more than two decades ago.

Since 2013 Iíve been working on a fully-functional matching game inside a physics engine,an industry first. No rigid columns. No limited movements. Gravity adds a new dimension astiles cascade.

Players want more than novel gameplay. They want familiarity. Thatís the beauty of Matching games. Everybody knows how to play. Iíve developed numerous tools that take the best of the old world into the new, leaving nothing
behind, and adding many improvements along the way.

Innovative features:

~~~An adaptable matching mechanic that makes it easy to change fundamentals ó Match-5 or Match-9
is as simple as Match-3; flipping from portrait to landscape adjusts in seconds.

~~~An intelligent, dynamic pattern generating algorithm that can adapt to changes in the physics.

~~~The combination of matching and scanning mechanics gives rise to a rudimentary ďA.I.Ē that can offer
tutorials, nudge the player with possible moves, re-shuffle when necessary and guide tile movements.

~~~Integration of numerous popular game modes and objectives from the current Match-3 industry (locks,
glass, blocks) as well as new ones possible through physics (ghosts, harvest, spider webs).

~~~Sophisticated adoption of modern monetization techniques and analytics through Google and Appsflyer.

~~~Full universal native resolution and scaling to support any device regardless of dimensions or orientation.

The result? A game thatís instantly familiar to a proven, viable market of hundreds of millions of players, delivering gameplay thats never before been possible. It has the potential to set a new standard for the entire Match-3 genre.

These features are all in the prototype, ready to play. I also plan for an in game level designer so that players can create and share levels through social media. The level creator is operational and ready to play but the servers are not.

The latest pilot build (see YouTube Demo) is in beta and ready to test. The prototype is in open beta on the Google
Play Store (link provided below) and for Apple please contact us so we can send you a TestFlight invitation.

I need to get from the point I'm at now to relaunch and broad distribution. Can your organization help?

Thank you,
J.M. Leonhard