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App description: Being a pirate means having the freedom to make your own decisions. Will you set sail for uncharted waters, dive in search of ancient shipwrecks or track down supplies that can repair and restock your ship? Whatever you decide, how you approach the adventures and opportunities that lie in wait is entirely up to you.

Not everything that sails The Sea of Thieves can be invited for a pint of grog in the local tavern. Wild animals and exotic creatures are waiting to be discovered, but the greater threat comes from the remains of previous pirates who havent learned to take death lying down. These savage skeletons will roam in hordes, take control of crusty old cannons and do whatever they can to bring your voyage to a premature end.

A fundamental part of a pirates day is seeking out treasure for their stash, whether its been painstakingly acquired by deciphering a riddle or swiped from under the noses of a rival crew. It pays to be cautious, as many chests carry a variety of curses and a seemingly innocent haul might cause a ships hold to flood or send its new owner staggering tipsily overboard!

Become a Pirate Legend!
Sail across the sea with the crew seek out treasure-filled islands and adventure!Enjoy the freedom ,because pirates can make their own decisions! Collect items to use them in battles against enemies. This adventure begins on the shipboard, but you will test your mettle in land too!Get ready for the battle, because its your crew VS the world!Dont miss the best voyage of your life!
11-04-2017, 01:21 AM
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scam app, same as with ELEX obviously and many others in the past (ARK, Fallout etc)
11-08-2017, 12:09 PM
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Yeah, it's obvious it's trying to make you think it's a mobile version of Rare's Sea of Thieves, which hasn't even come out yet. It's frustrating when these things happen.
11-08-2017, 03:37 PM
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Thanks for the info I wanted to download the game because I thought it was a mobile version of Sea of Thieves only the name from the developer made me suspicious so it’s good that you warned others.