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100 Speed Bumps Challenge: Speed Breaker Car Drive

11-07-2017, 01:53 AM
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100 Speed Bumps Challenge: Speed Breaker Car Drive

A new addition to the 100-speed bumps challenge. This is an amazing game on play store.

100 Consecutive Speed Bumps or Speed Breaker High-Speed Car Testing Simulation
Speed bumps are your protection or safety of your car with speed breakers to force people to drive more slowly and donít destroy their car on these consecutive speed bumps. They are designed to make drivers slow down while driving on these speed breakers. It's natural to assume that hitting a speed bump would deliver a bounce when you will drive with high speed testing. When you drive a car, two main things protect you from speed bumps in the road are the tires and the suspension. No matter how fast you hit a speed bump unless the speed breaker is particularly large, enough of the bounce will be absorbed by these two systems that you possibly won't be hurt in this high speed testing.
11-09-2017, 10:45 PM
I just saw a video simulator about this on Digg the other day. Wasn't quite as developed as your game, literally ten minutes of different car types/car models going over 100 consecutive speed bumps. Was this inspired by that in anyway? Just curious. If so, that's pretty awesome.