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Competitive monster catching game?

11-07-2017, 12:31 PM
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Competitive monster catching game?

Ever since playing a game called Geomon which shut down in 2013 I've been searching for a good online monster catching game. Mainly looking for a game that has interesting PvP. I'm not that interested in the RPG/story aspect which most of these games seem to focus on (Micromon for example), I'm trying to find a game that has more depth to the gameplay/more competitive. Something where you actually have to think and come up with strategies, build teams etc and not just press the most powerful attack and the player with all the legendary monsters win. Most games I have tried either has AI's controlling the opponents team, lacks strategy or lacks players.

PvP preferences:

• Real-time PvP
• All-time leaderboard/ranking system (no weekly/monthly reset)
• Somewhat active, at least so you can find opponents

Huge + if the game has:

• Trading
• Customization (skins etc)
• Grind to find rare monsters (not pay x amount $ for RNG)
• Some kind of individual value of each monster (Like Pokemon for example, same mon can have different stats, nature etc).

I realise that a game like this probably doesn't exist (rip Geomon) but I thought I'd give it a shot on here anyway :-) So does anyone know any games that are somewhat similar to this? PS. I'm not really looking for Pokemon. Thanks!

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