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App description: King of the Jungle is a two-player strategy game based on the ancient Chinese game known as Dou Shou Qi. It is also popularly known as Jungle Chess or Animal Chess. The game is acknowledged as being simple to learn and an excellent way to brush up analytical skills for all ages.

Each player has their animals lined up on opposite sides of a river. The objective is to get any of your animals into the opponents den. The moves are simple with each piece being allowed to move one square vertically or horizontally subject to a few special powers (see Game Rules for details). Each animal is ranked from 1 to 8 with the elephant being the highest rank (rank 1) and the mouse having the lowest rank (rank 8). Higher rank animals can capture the lower ranks, the exception being in the case of mouse and the elephant.

The average game lasts around 15-20 minutes. This is the full version and contains 3 difficulty levels to play against the computer and has added features of Saving / Resuming a game and also Undo of the last move made.

Devilishly Good's comments:

iTunes link to the Lite version
10-31-2009, 01:00 PM
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Looks pretty nice. It does show the #'s which is something I've requested for Animal Kingdom. Sure you can click den but numbers disappear after making a move.

Wondering which one is gonna get bluetooth/ multiplayer wifi first...hmm.
10-31-2009, 01:44 PM
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Is that ... the Pink Panther ... coloured yellow? And I swear I've seen a couple of those other animals somewhere...

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10-31-2009, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by mrbass View Post
Wondering which one is gonna get bluetooth/ multiplayer wifi first...hmm.
Animal Chess is first