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Has an iPad (vs. iPhone OS device) been really worth it to you?

11-26-2017, 03:03 PM
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Has an iPad (vs. iPhone OS device) been really worth it to you?

From a buyer's perspective (see developer's perspective here), I never had any intention of getting an iPad. But back a year or 2 ago, I saw a used iPad Air (1), no cell., 128 GB, for $400, so I went for it. It was more of a "midlife crisis" type thing. It did feel nice to have access to iPad only games (I play digital board games, and a few of them are iPad only, but there have been 'real' video games that are only there as well, like Gasketball).

Well, when the iPod Touch 6 ended up having the same dinky screen, I ended up NOT replacing my IpT5, so between still being on ios7, and the battery going since it's on 4 years now (3.5 of them on regular use), that Ipad ended up being my "Ipod Touch 6".

I originally touted the IpT5 as the "supreme device" since I had the flexibility to carry it with me in my pocket. I still play games on the go in that fashion. However, I still have a large backlog of games on there, I've been getting more and more games on my LG G4 (my smartphone on Android), so the IpT does indeed seem to be less and less relevant. I still carry it around b/c it's not like it takes up much space

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11-26-2017, 03:29 PM
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Ipad better for internet, better for landscape games
Ipod touch I kind of always preferred for gaming because it's lighter than the iphone or nice cosy size for the hand.

11-26-2017, 03:36 PM
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Most definitely yes. I started out with an iPod Touch 2, then jumped to the iPad2 directly. I could never go back to a smaller screen. In fact, I bought the big 13" Pro only a week ago

Now, I do not use my iPad as a "mobile device" (in the sense of playing on the go), so naturally I have the Wifi-only model on all my 3 iPads so far - which saves a good chunk on the prices.
Instead, it's my main gaming device I use at home (and at the office during smokebreaks): At home, I can just carry it wherever I want, be it living room or my smoker's corner. And even the 13" is small and light enough that I can just pack it into my laptop trolley and take it along to work.

On top of that, I have zero need for a smartphone - I still use an old Nokia dumbphone after my Emporia died - so anything iPhone is not interesting at all for me.

But over a 1000Ä is a lot for a glorified giant iPod, no?
I disagree. Setting up a PC gaming rig with at least reasonable specs would cost me ~2000Ä - *two* Pros plus accessories. A console would be cheaper, but I'd need a new TV for that, so I can have a second installation (which also means a second console) in my smoking corner. And both PC and console would be stationery - good luck taking those along for the office smokebreaks

So, yes: Even at ~1100Ä, for my gaming (and reading) needs an iPad is the superior choice, and the bigger the better (within reason of course, 20" would be a tad much )
11-27-2017, 07:42 AM
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I've got both, got a new iphone 7 but an old ipad 2. Saying that i've got another old ipad 2 (stuck on ios 6) as i use that solely as my MAME machine on my iCade.

I rarely play games on the ipad, just find it uncomfortable. Plus i take my phone with me everywhere so thats why i have all the apps etc on it.

I tend to use the ipad to watch stuff or more importantly read books or graphic novels (comics !) which its superb for.
11-27-2017, 09:04 AM
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Well, i got an ipod 6th gen but only with 16gbs (yeah i did not know the problems that would represent).
But then i got a 2nd hand ipad air (1) for 200$ (32gbs).
I must say wow, the difference to android is amazing.
I too play lots of digital boardgames, so this was awesome. And i also use it to read comics and watch netflix.
11-27-2017, 04:08 PM
iPads are a media consumption device - web, movies, books, comics, games. For games, I favor the iPad for experiences that require a high level of situational awareness, or truly benefit from the larger screen. For me, that's strategy games, board games, RPGs, even some dual-stick shooters like Neon Chrome in particular. My wife prefers the iPad for all of her gaming, from city builders to match-3s.

In addition, as I get older the iPad is much easier on my eyes. For example - I know players have been clamoring for FTL and Dark Dungeon iPhone ports, but there is absolutely no way I could play either on a phone. The same goes for the Baldurs Gate series, which actually did get iPhone support.
11-28-2017, 06:19 AM
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I'm still over the moon at how amazing ios devices are.

Before an iphone i loved Pocket PC's - had emulators/games/films on it etc. iOS just took it sooo much further.

I love buying apps, have 700+ on my phone. Love the variety i've got whether thats new original games, ports, old classic retro games etc etc. Just love it.

Plus i've got tons of videos to watch, music and comics/books to read. I just cant ever get bored when i'm away with work or staying somewhere else.

Negatives - the 64 bit apocalypse put a bad taste in my mouth. I did switch over to Android a few years back but that just wasnt for me. Loved emulation and more old games (Jedi Knight etc) but found it too frustrating in the end.

Been some high quality games recently on iOS, really impressed. But again to someone who first got into games in the 80's an iOS device is just like a dream. So much you can do on them
11-29-2017, 04:05 PM
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Incredibly worth it. My iPad is my number one device. My iPhone is great, but I mainly use it when Iím out and about so canít use the iPad.
12-05-2017, 01:31 PM
We have an iPhone 8 Plus and an IPad Pro 10.5 in our house (along with an older iPhone and iPad). The iPad has seen almost all of the gaming. We do not buy games if they are not iOS Universal or iPad only. I use my iPad for everything from engineering meetings to web browsing.
12-06-2017, 12:04 AM
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Definitely been worthwhile. More serious gaming is done on the ipad usually at home but I still can't be without the convenience of my ipod Touch 6. It holds it's value because of the awesomeness of being able to play excellent games while resting/waiting in limbo land. I still respect the Touch 6 but with the ipad it just further enhances the gaming experience for me. I do prefer the ipad's larger screen while still being a comfortable mobile device for bedroom/couch, etc. Games have always been more appealing to the eye's and why I'm more immersed when playing. I've got old eye's too so......