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  • Publisher: Kiss ltd
  • Genre:
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 213.5 MB
  • Version: 1.0
  • Price: Free
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App description: Create and evolve your very own creature, the Pooka a magical shape-shifter of ancient legend. Craft and customise how your Pooka looks with more than 190 customisation parts and colours allowing for millions of combinations and styles.

Use and evolve your Pookas magic and enlist the help of powerful guardians to defeat your enemies.

Take your Pooka on epic adventures through the floating islands of Otherworld where all manner of fantastical creatures can be discovered. Heal and save the world from the encroaching Gloom, a darkness that spreads like a virus corrupting all that it touches.

Key Features
- A powerful and creative Character Customisation system that allows the player to create millions of unique designs.

- A unique Magic Customisation system that allows the player to summon magical characters.

- A sandbox style dynamic ecosystem for the player to interact and react to. Explore large intricate environments and complete quests for loot rewards and special items.

- A visually distinctive Gloom system that grows and retreats across the landscape based on the players actions in real-time. The Gloom interacts with other game systems and remains persistent with each visit.

- Unique and humorous crafting system where the character eats food to craft items in its stomach. With over 190 different items to craft at launch, and additional unique items to purchase.

- Asynchronous multiplayer where players can summon in their friends Pooka to help them on their adventures, gift items to each other, compare how you are levelling up, or compete in mini games via Game Center.

Boardumb's comments:

11-29-2017, 01:14 AM
Funny game, doesn't require in app purchases
11-30-2017, 08:18 AM
It’s a great game it may be a freemium but it’s offline playable and does well for a freemium there are timers on the chests and the parts.
Many open worlds to,explore each fairly big, only loading is into your den and into the customization area. The magic you earn you can customize to a certain degree like healing the world with rain clouds or rainbows etc I wish for more higher customization on these ability’s if possible to maybe make the effects or color them our own way like pink rainbows or blue rainbows etc.. we need more early earth and ice customization only two are there a fairy and a dragon wish there was magic effects for these two not just companions, I’d pay a in app to remove or reduce timers that would be amazing!
This game is fun and you can earn gems but it’s tedious I think you need 1000 orbs to convert to one gem .... need better way to earn gems cause when you start needing the elements to get further it gets boring stuck in one area trying to make the orbs needed to convert to gems ..The ice element is th first one you will come across and realize you gotta pay 15 gems to unlock it x.x then your stuck running around for a while doing quests and such like chasing the gloom away that just comes back again o.o to earn orbs to convert to gems x.x it gets rather tedious and annoying .. but is fun if you can over look that grind (maybe it will get better over time and updates) then this game would bring you much joy and fun! Go Heal the world from the doom and gloom!

My Friend Code is YLJRP
Also tip start up pool changes I had to reinstall 3 times do to issues and each time my start up pool had different stuff so you want something different then try reinstalling and hope you get a different pool.
Also if you go online daily you get a reward for each day ^-^ included that picture as well

Pricing for inapps is Nuts I’m all for supporting but dang greedy much -_-
Given the only way I’m seeing the spells earned is using gems one spell is 40 others are 20 18 converting orbs to gems is a pain and doesn’t give much it’s sad to see such a awesome game just becoming a deep grinding mess it was fun at the start now I’m starting to see through it while I will keep it I’m not supporting this greed make the in apps right! Or make quests give gems or make a premium that has no timers no gem greed otherwise I’ll play through this grinding mess but you lost a potential customer. ��
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