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  • Publisher: Sherban Young
  • Genre: Word
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 0.2 MB
  • Version: 1.92
  • Price: $0.99
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App description: The comical corpses are back in twelve all new minute mysteries for the Cultured Detective. Pick up where Deadly Allusions left off, and play Deadlier Allusions today.

The object of the game remains the same - identify the particular reference in the story and apply it to one of the suspects. Think of it as a riddle where the clues all have a theme and every answer is murder. Just like before, each whodunit features two hints and a built-in online search.



Wed like to let everyone know that the iPhone Allusions apps, Deadly Allusions, Deadlier Allusions and Deadliest Allusions are moving over to the iBookstore (just search on Deadly Allusions in iTunes). We debated quite a lot here at MysteryCaper Press about how to improve the apps, but in the end we decided that there was no sense in trying to enhance our text engine. The iBooks app has pretty much perfected it. As an iBook, Allusions will now support both the iPhone and iPad natively, and you can do all the things iBooks does with easechange the text size, etc.

Of course, you have to have at least iOS 4 to run iBooks, and because of that the original apps arent going anywhere. You can continue to download all three Allusions apps. The choice is yours. And as always, enjoy!


What the critics are saying:

The Allusions are immensely enjoyable to read, whether I can solve them or not.
--Barbara Holbrook, AppCraver (Review of Deadlier Allusions app - Editor's Pick)

As a fan of riddles and puzzles that make the old grey matter start working, I loved this.
--Jennifer Allen, The Portable Gamer (Review of Deadlier Allusions app)

The game does challenge one's sense of historical and pop culture knowledge, and the most enjoyable aspect is the witty dialogue between the two characters that find the body.
--Keri Honea, Examiner (Review of Deadliest Allusions app)

5 out of 5 magic books The literary magic here comes in small doses, just right for someone who wants to pick up a book and jump in and out of worlds created to tease your brain.
--Literary Magic (Review of Dead Men Do Tell Tales, the print edition of Deadly Allusions)

A fun way to wile away an afternoon by yourself or have a great evening with friends trying to solve these delectable mysteries.
--Feathered Quill Reviews (Review of Dead Men Do Tell Tales, the print edtion of Deadly Allusions)