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App description: You hold the Time Artifact. Will you use it for good or evil to Protect or Destroy?


Welcome to Pocket Wars!

Take control of your army and guide them to victory in this turn based strategy board game for your iPad and iPhone.

Bring reinforcements and supplies to an ailing 13th Century Castle in Wales, Britain before the invading Uzgoth Horde can destroy it.

Help the employees of a mining station escape the invading elemental demons of Io. Or, maybe you prefer to be the Destroyer and bring vengeance to Hrethra and ensure that the LunarCol employees will never escape?

Pocket Wars is a 3D strategy board game designed for people who prefer a laid back pick up and play style gaming experience.

Remember those magazines where you could could cut out game pieces and play? Pocket Wars is like that: Easy to learn with specific scenario objectives, enough unique piece and behavior variation to keep things exciting, and with an easy-going pace of play.

But, just like those old-school games, you'll need to plan your turns and think ahead if you are to be victorious!

-3D turn-based strategy boardgaming
-Play as a Protector and aide those in need, or be evil and Destroy the enemy
-Scenario One: The Battle for Snowdonia, a 13th century war set in medieval Wales, Great Britain
-Scenario Two: The Mining Station, a science-fiction battle between Cyborgs and Elementals on the moon of Io
- 20 Unique Combat Units with 6 special attacks
-Voice narrated tutorial teaches you the basics
-High resolution graphics and art, optimized for iPad
-Ambient stereo sound with eight composed music tracks

A third scenario, "The Exclusion Zone" is being developed and will be added to the game when ready.

Read on to learn more!

The Battle for Snowdonia

Castle Dinas Bran, in the remote environs of the Welsh mountains stands alone. The Uzgoth demons from another world will soon have the castle under siege. A minimal complement of men remain at the Castle, their grisly fate certain if reinforcements do not arrive soon.

The Wizard Morden, a stranger from another world, arrives to bring reinforcements and supplies for Castle Dinas Bran. Morden has faced the Uzgoth before, and their dreaded leader Khaaaz.

Take on the role of Protector and guide Morden and save Castle Dinas Bran. Or be a Destroyer and aide Khaaaz and the Uzgoth in their plan to dominate the Earth.

The Mining Station

In the future, Humanity has conquered the planets. They are mined for their rich minerals and other resources. On the Jupiter moon of Io, the mining company LunarCol has established a base beating the competition by many years.

The celebrations are short as the unwitting clone workers have awoken an ancient being. And now the demon Hrethra is bringing her rage upon the mining base and LunarCol must escape.

Escort and save the employees to the escape shuttle, or take on the role of Hrethra and ensure that your planet is never disturbed again by those wishing to steal and pillage its resources.

The choice is yours.

Watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/cYMb_-SThOM

BigDich's comments:

12-16-2017, 04:44 AM
Joined: Jul 2016
Posts: 238
So errr, only two scenarios?
How does this play out?
From what I could see, it is an army vs army on a hex board. But i only saw atk and def. other than that, it is not out on Portuguese app store
12-16-2017, 05:16 AM
Joined: Nov 2015
Posts: 1,242
Originally Posted by Avaniar View Post
So errr, only two scenarios?
How does this play out?
From what I could see, it is an army vs army on a hex board. But i only saw atk and def. other than that, it is not out on Portuguese app store
Im guessing each scenario is like its own campaign. Not sure but would like to hear impressions on it.
12-16-2017, 06:57 AM
Joined: Aug 2017
Posts: 113
Very basic hex wargame against AI. Each turn split into 3 phases - move, attack and end. Yes, the designers regard pressing the ‘end turn’ button as a phase. Stats for attack, defence and morale only. No indication on pieces which have moved. Play is slow yet dull. The snow and ice looks good in Snowdonia. The Io scenario looks the same with different graphics. This makes the Hexwar titles look like the pinnacle of complexity.

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