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  • Publisher: koji shimono
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 94.6 MB
  • Version: 1.05
  • Price: $3.99
  • Average User Rating:
    Not enough votes.
App description: High-speed shooting game of singing and light and Bulltets.
Bullet'n Wall


This game is a side-scrolling shooting game.
While shooting down while avoiding the barrage of enemies by operating your own "Wall Breaker", you will proceed to the right side of the screen.

First, hold the iPhone / iPad next to it.
It is recommended to have a way to hold it as if you had a controller for game console.

Title screen
· Tap near the center of the screen to move to your own "Wall Breaker" selection screen.

· Tap the high score display area to display the score rankings.
(We use GameCenter provided by Apple)

own selection screen
Tap on your own "Wall Breaker" that you want to sort and start the game.
Each aircraft has its own characteristics and personality.
Let's search for an aircraft that is compatible with yourself.
(It is recommended because the white fuselage is easy to use with standard equipment)

Main game screen
Operate with the fingers of the hand that you like like a game controller.

· Move yourself with the left hand swipe.

· There are two buttons on the right hand side.
(1) The button on the bottom right,
"Weapon change"
Mainly to shoot your shot and to shoot,
You can switch the movement of the laser.
(There is a difference in function depending on the wall breaker selected)

(2) The button on the upper right,
"Wall Break"
It will fire its own special attack "Wall Break".
A momentary elimination effect and a powerful laser attack for a certain time are done.

"Wall break" is a display of numbers slightly above the center of the screen,
You can use it if the wall gauge is charged 500 or more.

Wall gauge,
Defeat the enemy, cross the laser of your opponent and enemy,
You can also raise it by hitting weapon change buttons repeatedly.
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Third release from QUIZCAT GAMES, which strictly translates as "Collapse of the Bullet Wall" — a sequel to Bullet’nSurf, but now a horizontally-scrolling shooting game (STG) or shoot’em up (shmup) rather than vertically. Was originally slated for release in 2016, but the dev decided to do a significant amount of polishing, justifying the increased cost over the first two games. Assuming the dev holds true to form, don't expect any price drops (Bullet'nTunes actually experienced a three-day price increase).

Wireframe graphics have effectively become QUIZCAT GAMES's signature. While assets from Bullet’nSurf have been reused, seeing them from a different persective make them seem quite fresh. There are fewer music tracks than the dev's other works, but each is either by another artist or a collaboration, snippets of which are in this latest PV.

The game provides fewer credits than Bullet’nSurf and is more challenging, increasing the effort to clear. New mechanics include a steerable beam, which the bosses have fixed variations of. Also, the "Wall Break", which serves as a sort of super shot that triggers each level's signature music track.