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App description: Virtual Reality Game: Last Order: Blackwood Project

Review the mystery of Blackwood Project.

The game is solely dedicated to Virtual Reality experience. The game allows the player to really feel the atmosphere of the post-nuclear world full of scary creatures and abandoned places. Besides this, the player plays role in the story line, which can make player more immersed into Virtual Reality, which is not currently available in many Virtual Reality experiences.

The story line sets a soldier in the middle of the post-nuclear environment. All started with a mistake that happened during conduction of nuclear experiments in the military base. The results of that are irreversible and led to various mutations especially in the closest neighborhood of the military base. In the game, the player has a very important mission. He needs to get to the military base and collect any evidence about the top secret experiments, which will help scientist to prevent further mutations. To achieve that, the player will go through different locations completing the quests and trying not to get killed by those affected after the explosion.

- Scary post-nuclear atmosphere
- Immersive storyline experience
- Huge map with many blood freezing locations
- Different weapons hidden on the map
- Optimized for Virtual Reality experience.

Play on your favorite VR Headset.

Health Warning.
When using application remain seated and stationary and stop using, when you experience discomfort or health reaction.
Ensure you read this document: http://wenklystudio.com/legal/Warnings/VrHealthWarning.pdf before first use.