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App description: Based on old, logical game played with pen and paper, "The Game Of Dots." brings you new, 3D experience in the world of friendly dragon Albert. Passing through the levels you help Albert to bring the colors back to his world...
Simple, but not easy, relaxing but sometimes irritating :), addictive puzzle game. If you like to exercise your brain - this is the game for you. Be prepared for the challenge from the very beginning and never give up!
Enjoy and have fun with friends by sharing common ranking on Facebook.

Game idea:
* Join 5 dots in line to score the point and create further scoring possibilities.
* Meet all level objectives to advance to the next level
* Score as many points as possible
* Compare your scores to the scores of your friends on Facebook

Game features:
* Set of challenging logical, puzzles
* Facebook integration allowing you to share your achievements and watch achievements of your friends
* 3D graphics and various locations
* Friendly dragon

TheGameOfDots's comments:

The Game Of Dots

Yes, it's "dots" but the "dots" you've probably never played before. This logic game is not as easy as it looks . Most of people have a hard time on Level 2. Will you make it to Level 6? If it's "7" - we're impressed.
Be prepared for logical challenge from the very beginning. On our website you'll find some helpful videos about the game rules and origins.

After silent run of 0.9.6, we've just released v.1.0.0 with simplified tutorial and few new features.
Give it a try, be patient and have fun. If you use Facebook you can challenge your friends and compare the progress .

We do appreciate the opinion of Touch Arcade users, so do not hesitate to share your impressions here. We'll be grateful for every comment.

English, Polish, Spanish, Russian

iPad & iPhone, with iOS 10.0 or newer

Useful links:

Game website: http://GameOfDots.eu
Game Facebook page: http://facebook.com/GameOfDots
01-22-2018, 03:42 AM
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Give it a try

Hi, give it a try and come back with your thoughts

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02-07-2018, 04:58 PM
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Version 1.0.0. released on App Store

Version 1.0.0. is released on the App Store with simplified tutorial, some new features and performance optimizations. Enjoy and share your opinion with us.