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App description: The next chapter of the highly-anticipated Sci-Fi saga inspired by Out There, the multi-award-winning space exploration game.

After fleeing America in a ramshackle ship, Darius and his ragtag crew crash on a desert planet. He wakes in a sorry state, alone on the purple desert planet.
In this chapter, Darius must survive on a planet almost as unwelcoming as a local population that worships a mysterious Winged God. What happened to his crew? Did Nyx survive? And most importantly, how the hell can he get off this cursed planet?

Out There Chronicles is a unique adventure set several million years before Out There. Where do the Arks come from? What are the Cubes? Fans of the original game will find answers to some questions, but others will remain a mystery.
Youll also meet various alien races and get the opportunity to learn more about their people If you can master their language, of course.

In this universe that is so far from your own in distance and in time, a sharp mind and an instinct for survival are your only weapons. Friendships can be forged and ancient rivalries re-emerge through your encounters with almost-human and less-human races. Will you be able to distinguish friend from foe?
As in the original game, a single human is unable to face the forces of the universe alone. Achieve your goals by exercising diplomacy when needed, and seizing opportunities when they present themselves.

Written by FibreTigre, author of the original game, Out There Chronicles offers an epic story that will delight science fiction fans in search of new experiences.
Brilliantly illustrated by top French SF artist, Benjamin Carré, and equipped with a simple interface, Out There Chronicles will take you on a journey of adventure, even if youve never played a video game before.

50+ achievements
An interactive sci-fi graphic novel written by FibreTigre (Out There)
A complex dialogue system: your choices can have consequences later in the adventure
Master the alien language and discover their cultures
Stunning, varied environments
Develop relationships with an array of complex characters
Revelations on the Out There universe
A dead simple, accessible interface
Magnificent illustrations by Benjamin Carré, the French master of science fiction
Captivating music composed by Siddhartha Barnhoorn (Antichamber, Out There)
01-25-2018, 04:57 PM
I'm definitely excited for this game, but I confess that I'll need to replay the first episode, since I basically don't remember anything. Glad it's finally out!
01-25-2018, 06:09 PM
Think I nabbed the first for $.99. Will buy this full price soon when my wallet recovers. EP1 suffered a bit from a lack of beaching patches but the writing, setting, and prodectipn values were top notch.
02-02-2018, 09:38 PM
Joined: Jan 2012
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Fantastic storyline, could use some tweaks

I’m loving the story - LOVING.
Ep2 has some issues that could do with fixing and one feature would really be helpful...

Several points in ep2 I would die, and the auto save would place me at a point in the game that was unwinnable. Twice I had to completely restart and spend ages clicking through everything to get back to the point where I needed to make a different decision, so basically there should not be auto save points where you can’t win.

Secondly, because I love the story and the writing and want to explore all the options, I think that a rewind feature should be unlocked once you’ve completed the story once.
This would allow us to explore all the avenues and see what other decisions could be successful (or just try the suicidal ideas to see what happens).
I just want to see the whole game that you guys have created
02-03-2018, 02:29 AM
Joined: Jul 2013
Location: Europe, CET
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Wasn't interested in the original Out There nor Chronicles Ep.1, but this here got me immediately with the great artwork in the screenshots.

And then I see Harlsom's comment that the devs made the same player-unfriendly decision as Banner Saga and other games, to only have one autosaving slot.
Seriously, folks, it's 2018 not 1988, and there's no excuse for not allowing your players to save anytime anywhere to as many slots as they want.
Would like to hear from the devs why the made that decision, and if/when they are going to change it.