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App description: Destroy all ALIENS in AR!

COWS are 'udderly' fed up being abducted and now the aliens have taken the princess!

Strap an EXPLOSIVE ROCKET to your cow and take out those abducting little aliens in this destructive augmented reality game!

- 80 levels of AUGMENTED REALITY to destroy
- 8 Unlockable ROCKETS to demolish the alien islands
- Launch 5 battle hardened COWS to rescue princess clover
- 3D Mode for when AR is not practical and you still want to play
- Take down UFOs and alien hordes.

How To Play
- Destroy all aliens and UFOs
- Take down the alien defences with your rocket cows
- Walk around the scene in AR mode and find those aliens
- Simple controls - Drag, aim and release
- Drag upgraded rockets onto your cow for more destruction

Entity3 Limited's comments:

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01-25-2018, 05:28 AM
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AR Critic Editor's Choice Award 2018

Our first review of rocket cows from ARCritic. Even won the editors choice award!

9.2/10 - ARCritic

Rocket Cows is a fantastic AR game. The gameplay is super fun, funny and addicting. The controls are simple and intuitive and the presentation is great. The game is obviously inspired by the popular Angry Birds game but it feels like a new experience when you play it in augmented reality. Furthermore, the game has plenty of levels and different themes to each zone.

I can only praise the developer for making this a hybrid app so people can play this game when they are on the bus, in a dark room in their bad, and in order situation where AR is not applicable.

Rocket Cows isnt free, but it definitely worth its asked priceHighly Recommended! - AR Critic

Rocket Cows is an explosive cow launching action game. A fantastic puzzler that is colorful, energetic and crazily amusing. Exploring different rockets is a great experience, especially considering they will end up being attached to crazy kamikaze cowsA must-have AR game, Get it!

9.2/10 - AR Critic
See the full review here: https://t.co/mYTyqusPd9

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