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App description: Time your taps to stay afloat, dodging killer coral and salty sea-enemies!
Power up with the super starfish and turn the tables on your foes!
Collect over 30 underwater worlds from Captain's Cove to Rockabilly Bay
Simple to learn yet hard to master, Ink or Swim is a squidstastic time for all!


- Pick up and play, no tutorial required
- 32 quirky underwater worlds to unlock!
- Dive into bright colors, cheerful chiptune music and challenging gameplay
- Lightning fast rounds for when you ride the bus, subway or toilet!
- Be the top squid - swim to the top of the leaderboard or share snapshots with your friends

ValorianGames's comments:
Its here!

Ill skip the making a splash joke and get right on with the announcement: Ink or Swim is available now!

You can download this sweet little package of squiddy goodness right here:

And see the trailer over here:

This free-to-play arcade tapper is the epitome of quick, simple fun: instant-accessible touch screen controls, super-fast play sessions you can fit in any time, catchy-as-heck chiptunes music, and absolutely adorable pixel art. Jet through the ocean! Slalom between coral reefs! Dodge electric jellyfish and irritable crabs! Wear a veritable cornucopia of different hats!

02-18-2018, 07:03 AM
Joined: Dec 2017
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A cute and fun tab action arcade game.
It is recommended for users who prefer to play games lightly.