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App description: Building, Crafting, Sandbox RPG!

SwordCraft is a 2D sandbox building game.

Build, Mine, Dig, Explore, Fight monsters, Collect Loot, Craft Items, LEVEL UP!, Dungeons, Caves... dark places...

Content is continuously being added, Stay tuned.

PlaidWorld's comments:

So... I made a game...

It is a long term work in progress.

It currently plays 1 full ad per session.
( yeah, yeah, I know everyone hates ads )
( On the other hand the last paid app I made saw a piracy rate of like 90% )...

02-14-2018, 03:18 PM
The AppStore is just bogged down with these games and most are not great looking & shove ads down your throat way to much you want something free and more DECENT looking then whatever this is trying to be get get Pixel Survival Game 2 by Cowbeans Inc this one is a platformer style. heck if you get Pixel Survival Game 3 it’s open world style...

Beta Tested: Way too many to list being a tester is so much fun!
Beta Testing now: Ark BrightRidge HD