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[Closed Beta] Marble Legends 3D - The classic playground marble game (Spawn Digital)

02-19-2018, 10:53 AM
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[Closed Beta] Marble Legends 3D - The classic playground marble game (Spawn Digital)

Hi Touch-Arcadians,

Marble Legends: 3D Arcade Game is coming and that's NOT another Puzzle Marble game but the classic school playground Marbles all in 3D.

We're now looking for Beta Testers on iOS to provide feedback.
We’d love to have as many testers as possible. Participation and feedback will be highly appreciated.

Sign up for the beta test via the following form:


Experience marbles in an entirely new way in this exciting physics based simulation game with stunning graphics, lot of action and challenges to play and enjoy anytime, anywhere! Explore 130+ levels and challenges in single player mode to win Marblecoins and Marbliums and to unlock tons of new marbles! Collect, build and trade extraordinary marbles, and defy your friends to win their own marbles in Multiplayer arenas!

• +130 Levels in 3D to discover with various challenges
• +200 Marbles designs to collect: Common, Champion, Platinum or Legendary
• Single player and Multiplayer Mode (Async) in various arenas to play against your friends and win their Marbles!
• Special events to collect new marbles
• Factory: Build your own marbles
• Marble Shop and Trade System to buy or sell new marbles
• Leveling marbles by XP, quality and aging!
• Use Marblecoins and the extremely difficult to find Marbliums to unlock new marbles and new levels
• Master all the Legendary Achievements
• Become world’s top ten marble player!

Please send feedback or any questions at: support-marblelegends@spawndigital.com

Spring 2018 (TBA)

Any feedback on bugs and Gameplay or any other comments are welcome in the comment-section, by private messaging us or by emailing us at:

Thanks a lot
The Spawn Digital! Team

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02-20-2018, 03:26 PM
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My TestFlight feedback

While playing your game for the first time today, I encountered crashes on level 1-10 which caused the screen to go black and be frozen; also, I am finding level 1-13 impossible to finish before running out of time and reaching the shot limit. In addition to these issues, your game would be more enjoyable if you allowed players to zoom out to see more of each level’s terrain. It is frustrating to play this without a zoom-out capability. Lastly, there are far too many ads. You should consider offering an option to pay for ad removal.

When I first read about this game, I hoped it would be a simulation of the classic game of marbles with multiple marbles inside a circle and the challenge of hitting each of them out of the circle before the primary shooting marble goes out of the circle. Instead, you have made a game that is really more like miniature (putt-putt) golf than like classic marbles. I have plenty of miniature golf games on my iPad and iPhone; I don’t need or want another one.

I wish you good fortune with this game, but I have very little desire to keep playing it beyond the time I’ve put into it today.

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