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App description: Choose from 17 political characters and 4 stages as you battle your way through the Tree of Liberty.

Reminiscent of the 1990s arcade fighting games, each patriot has custom fighting moves, fireballs, sounds and animations.

As you fight your way up the tree, the fights become more difficult. 3 additional characters are available for purchase.

Are you the patriot that is going to save the republic?

Your favorite fighting game of the past has been reborn with the political satire of today.

George Bush & Al Gore are included in the free download. 15 other characters are available for purchase inside the app.

Download for free today and fight for our country!

BloodofPatriots's comments:
Driven by nostalgic love of the arcade fighting games of the 1990s, 12 to 6 Studios LLC is proud to announce Blood of Patriots 1.0 for iOS and Android devices. The fighting classics of the 90s have been reborn with an infusion of today's political satire. Choose one of seventeen characters from a mix of presidents, vice presidents, a few senators and 1 judo champion and fight your way through the "Tree of Liberty." An evil force, lurking in the shadows, threatens our democracy. It is up to you to refresh the tree of liberty and save the republic. Are you the last true patriot?

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." - Thomas Jefferson

* 17 Characters - Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, Mike Pence, John F Kennedy, John McCain, Jimmy Carter, George Bush, Al Gore, Ronald Reagan, Dick Cheney, Richard Nixon, Abraham Lincoln, Elizabeth Warren, Vladimir Putin

* 4 Levels - White House, Mount Rushmore, Gettysburg, Liberty Bell

* Custom Character Moves - Each character has a unique fighting style with custom sounds and fight moves. All characters have 9 types of punches, 9 kicks, a special move, a throw move, a fireball (projectile) and custom intro and outro animations.


Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...to6studios.bop
02-22-2018, 10:12 PM
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Well, I gave this a go, and you know what? It’s not half bad!! Fighting is pretty fun! I like the faces of the fighters- pretty realistic! Gotta say, though, When I fight Trump, and I’m kicking his butt good, I can’t help but wanna finish him off and KILL his ass! Since I can’t do it myself in real life, this is the next best thing, I guess!

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