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App description: Not that easy is the life of an average rocket pilot. Try that yourself in a new addictive arcade game about the small rocket which has to make it's way home from the Space Base in the Asteroid Belt.

Get yourself immersed in the cosmic atmosphere with the deep soundscape, make your way through the 33 levels of arcade gameplay mixed with the puzzle elements, and more to come soon!

Solve puzzles, avoid cosmic rocks, asteroids and cosmic junk, learn to drive a rocket like a pro!

More levels, rockets and other updates are making their way to meet you soon inside the Rocket Roll!

Warning: you may find some humor inside!

dimitryfw's comments:
As we've just released it yesterday, the game is clean at the moment, and doesn't contain neither any in-apps, nor ads. Just hardcore gameplay in the true spirit of the old school... But this will be changed someday. So, don't miss the moment!

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02-28-2018, 04:40 PM
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Well this is a really nice lunar lander take - it looks lovely and the physics feel spot on.

The only thing I’m not sure about is the control method, it’s a touch on the screen where you want to fly to deal, and while it feels totally right in the sense that they’re spot on, I’m just not sure I like it.

It’s free, well made and good fun despite my unsurity about controls so give it a go people.

Oh, and the music is excellent as well...

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02-28-2018, 06:10 PM
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Liking this!

Really liking this!

Pretty fun once you get the controls right in your head.

Like the other guy said above... this is a fun take on Lunar Lander.

Fun game!
03-01-2018, 03:58 AM
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Control method and more

Thanks for the warm feedback, guys!

We were considering - and still do - introducing other control methods that can be switched at pause. Yet, for the first release we came to the conclusion that from all of the available options, this should be likely the best and most natural.

We are considering the following options (in addition to the default method):

1. The virtual joystick at the bottom of the screen (or at any point of the screen).
2. The inverse control - like the default, yet you have to tap where below the rocket if you want to to thrust up.

We have no final decision at the moment and have postponed the new control methods introduction for some future. While now we are working on the new content, gameplay elements and splitting the levels (these 33 and new ones) into the worlds. These 33 levels will be the World 1.