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New "Pet Battling" game coming to iOS soon.

02-25-2018, 09:57 PM
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New "Pet Battling" game coming to iOS soon.

Hello everyone at TA,

We've got a "Virtual Pet Battling" game coming out soon. This game was inspired from similar games like Neopets and Marapets from way back when. Hoping to release in the next 4-6 weeks and will be available on the iOS AppStore. You can check out our website at:


OR some screenshots will be posted below.

Some of the KEY features in the game are:
->Creating pets and customizing with different color themes.
->Training your pet for battles.
->Collecting cool and rare items that can be used to enhance your pet or do higher damage in battle.
->Creating shops to sell your items and galleries to show your items off to other users.
->Pet battling (duh)
->Leaderboards/Awards for pet battles and other activities around the game.
->Story/Comic to follow along. Do puzzles and unlock new battle challengers through the story.
->Item Restocking. This is where users will compete for a select amount of items every "x" minutes. These items will vary in rarity and could be worth MUCH MUCH more than you would normally purchase them from elsewhere.

Without further ado, here are some of the screenshots that depict most of the game's features, enjoy. Feel free to ask any questions I will be around to answer them

Feel free to subscribe on the website if you are interested in being notified when the game will be RELEASED (and only for release date information and other VITAL info).

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03-01-2018, 09:21 PM
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I tried re-sizing these images to fit better but wasn't able to using the BBCODE on this forum. I'll try creating more web-friendly images at smaller sizes!