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App description: Welcome to the Best 3D MMORPG on iOS! Join hundreds of thousands of players worldwide in an epic MMO in a massive 3D world filled with swords, sorcery, dungeons, dragons, wizards, warriors, quests galore, countless beasties, and people from all over the globe.

Explore a Massive World with Thousands of Story-Driven Quests
Party-up with Friends to Raid the Lairs of Malloks Brood of Horrors
Ride to Glory on a Nightmare Steed, a White Stallion and more
Forge your own Weapons and outfits, enchanting them with exactly the Magical Spells and Heroic Feats you choose
Level up your Talents to unleash Ultimate Abilities on your enemies.
Craft, Garden, Ranch, Fish, Mine and more
Build the Mightiest Village in the Seven Realms
Seasonal Event Challenges
Play seamlessly between Mobile and PC

Free to Play: persistent world, 3D MMORPG in real-time!
Epic Lair Battles against the Elders of Mallok to get the best raid gear
Thousands of challenging Story-Driven Quests, voiced by professional actors
12 fully customizable character builds to play
Deep Loot System with millions of item combinations. Build your character to match your play style.
Unique character customization options
Craft and trade thousands of weapons, armor and items
Gnomish Augmentation, Fishing, Mining, Bug Collecting, Smithing, Tailoring, Cooking, Foraging, and Carpentry
Player Housing with Ranching and Gardening
One-of-a-kind seasonal event zones
Consistent updates with an active development team

Developer Statement:
We engage with the community via interactive livestreams, social media, and forums. We believe our players are the best evangelists for the game.

Our goal was to build a game world where everyone is important, whether that is a heroic warrior who likes to raid, or a player who prefers crafting, fishing, tending the garden, and working with others. Thats the reason the game is called Villagers and Heroes. The sub-title for this game could be Even a villager is a hero.

The game has player-run villages. These are real places in the world that player characters live in, and improve by building better facilities, populate with houses, gardens, animals, and even vote for the mayor. The village fosters a strong community because of its cooperative play.

Boardumb's comments:

02-26-2018, 02:35 PM
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This sounds very good.
Seems to have everything in it.
Mmorpg are my fave kind of games... and been hoping for a good one on mobile for a long time.
Hope this is good... looking forward to trying it later

02-26-2018, 03:21 PM
Joined: Jan 2011
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Never heard of this game till now. From the two hours I played I definitely enjoyed it. Sure the graphics arent the best but graphics don't make the game, for example Lineage 2 looks great but the gameplay is horribly generic, while the gameplay here is fun. Give it a try if u haven't already, in my opinion it is worth it.

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02-26-2018, 03:55 PM
Super stoked to try this one out when I get home tonight!
02-26-2018, 07:01 PM
A lot of fun so far. A full-fledged MMO.
02-26-2018, 07:52 PM
Joined: Jul 2017
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Any pvp?

Is there any pvp?

Couldnt tell from description. If not then I will pass.
02-26-2018, 09:15 PM
Originally Posted by Stonebeast View Post
Is there any pvp?

Couldnt tell from description. If not then I will pass.
I dont believe theres any right now, though there may be plans to implement some in the future.

I usually PvP quite a bit, but the game still feels interesting without it. Its almost designed with a co-op mindset, with the villages and whatnot.

Anyway, still worth a try I think. Just my 2 cents.
02-27-2018, 05:35 AM
Joined: Sep 2017
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I don't have the time to play it, but I've spent two hours trying it out. Here is what I think about it.


It reminds me of World of Warcraft in a way. It is very "cartonney". On my iPad Mini 4 it was struggling so I've reduced the graphical quality to low. The graphics are inferior to Lineage 2 but the worlds are a lot bigger. Overall, I find the graphics charming and it takes me back to World of Warcraft (vanilla), where the artistic vision used compensated for the lack of a good graphical engine.


Decent enough. The music is okay and there are partial or full voice-overs. This is something that surprised me. You don't see a lot of MMOs, especially mobile MMOs that actually employ voice actors for the NPCs.


You can not toggle autoplay. You can not set a destination and let it play itself or toggle auto-attack. You actually have to play. Because of this, it is rather slow paced. It is also a lot harder than anything I've seen on mobile. You have to rest between attacks (although drops usually replenish your health) and you can not simply farm higher level mobs. Progression is oriented towards questing (it makes a lot more sense than just farming) and it seems quite balanced without IAPs.

Apart from this, it is your generic fantasy mmo formula, although done a lot better than the competitors. There is a village aspect I haven't played with.

Closing Thoughts

I think it is good. The problem is that it nothing new. It is the first experience of this type on mobile but virtually all MMOs on PC do it better. At this level of quality, I'm surprised that it is F2P because it certainly doesn't seem just as a machine to take your money away. Maybe there are paywalls later in the game, maybe IAPs are for the to be implemented PVP but right now, I hardly see why I would need it as long as the difficulty curve remains stable.

If you like MMOs, play it. It's intriguing. It's impressive as a tech demo for what can be done on a tablet. Yes, it is a bit buggy and the world may seem quite empty but it is a full fledged MMO on mobile. The map sizes are big (a lot bigger than Lineage) and they seem diverse enough. Again, it reminds me of World of Warcraft back in vanilla. Give it a shot, even if it F2P. I think there are a worse paid games than this one.

PS: As far as IAPs are concerned, they are extremely expensive. These are the kind of IAP that make you cringe. There is an introductory one for about one dollar that makes sense but paying $300 for a mount, no thank you.

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02-27-2018, 10:23 AM
Joined: Feb 2015
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Just for clarity

This game has been around for a very long time.. 2014 I think, and uses quite an old engine which can clearly run on mobile devices

I gave it a whirl last night, and was pleased that we can now have a full and proper PC style MMO experience in mobile form if we wish. This is not an 'MMO' that we expect on a mobile device which ends up being a 'merge monsters together, rune them up, rare summon, grind the same dungeon over and over till you want to pluck your eyes out' type that infests the market, this is actually a good MMO with some nice story telling.

If you want WoW (or as close as possible) on a mobile device, this is the one. No compromise, nothing missing, the full game and huge.

Uses a microtransaction method that users of LOTRO and other MMO that went F2P will be well used to
02-27-2018, 12:34 PM
Joined: May 2014
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MFi controllers?

Does it support controllers?