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App description: Twos is a puzzle and strategy game requiring quick thinking and efficient use of powerups to keep your board clear and generate higher matches and swipes.

The goal is to match and swipe your way to the Ultimate Goal. A three way swipe involving the highest number in the game. Can you manage to swipe three 2048 tiles? And if you manage it, can you do it quicker and in less moves then anyone else?

Matching numbers sums them into one and helps clear the board. Once you get three matching numbers in a row you can swipe them, score larger points and generate a powerup to help you manage the board more efficiently. Powerups perform special actions on tiles such as:
- Swap Any Two
- Match Any Two
- Double/Halve A Number and more.

Using these powerups effectively will enable you to generate larger numbers and score larger points. Powerups are also generated by matching higher numbers. If you swipe enough times you also generate additional Swipe Bonuses, which give extra bonuses to aid you.

Twos also supports Leaderboards and Achievements, which further enhance the challenge. Can you beat your friends highest score, or Ultimate Goal time? Challenge them and see.

The question is, can you achieve the Ultimate Goal?

Slyddar's comments:
The game has just been released, so I'm still waiting for someone else to achieve the Ultimate Goal. I'm looking for the first player to do so, and if you can manage it, as a bonus, I'll provide you with a promo code to remove the adverts. Good luck!