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[Testers wanted!] Golem Rage - Our hardcore cartoon adventure with punches & humor!

03-21-2018, 11:42 AM
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[Testers wanted!] Golem Rage - Our hardcore cartoon adventure with punches & humor!


Hello fellow forumers!

My name is Ivan, and I'd love to finally present our first video game ever, after 2 years of work!
Of course, I'm not alone : I had the chance to gather a team of brave french/belgian indies, working under harsh conditions, without any funding, remotely (in different cities), and part-time. I'm very lucky : I met amazing people, and after countless months of efforts, bugs, delays, doubts...
We made it work !

I created 2 topics during the development of our game, we even had a few articles on TouchArcade (which were marvelous <3).
This is my last topic about our indie game, I wanted it to be nice!

I just uploaded an exclusive version of the game with 19 levels available!
We'd love your feedbacks <3
(cf. details at the bottom!)


We wanted to propose an original mix : a Beat-Them-All (slow paced, lot of various actions), and a Runner (fast-paced, very few actions) : the combo would be a hardcore arcade adventure, requiring strategy & reflexes to bash or avoid the enemies, and survive all the levels!


We loved the Golem from the beginning <3 We wanted to give him feelings!
So we implemented these hand drawn scenes telling his story, exploring a new life & exploding a new kingdom

'Cause you're a wooden Golem, half stupid, half warmachine, but fully lovable
You don't know why you were created, why an army is trying to get you back, and now you're just looking for a place feeling like home...

Well... "looking for"= "smashing everything standing in your way", but hey, whatever works.


We created a dynamic strip cartoon generator, so enemies could drop punchlines while fighting against the Golem!
Our whole crazy tale universe in the same tone : we had a lot of fun adding jokes, visual animations, even crafting the levels' titles


- To try the game with TestFlight : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1F...JITEQ/viewform
Just fill this form (or send me your apple ID in PM ^^), and we'll register you as an official tester!

/!\ You can totally play the game on iPad, but you might experience a few not optimized textures / features, in the forest and when grabbing enemies. We'll fix them as soon as we can, our iOS developer just became a father ^^ /!\

- Our trailer : https://youtu.be/ftyoee9HbGY
- Release date : April 12th on iOS (Android will follow shortly after!)
- Duration : 3-7 hours (depending on your skill, it's hard to tell )
- Content : 11 enemies, 7 environments, 6 attacks, 3 styles/trinkets to unlock, 40 classic levels, 14 trial levels (get hit = you die & retry)
- Price : 3.5€. We don't really like freemium (at all), we're fond of classic games you can master & finish

Hope we'll be hearing from you guys!
So many thanks, to you all, for the warm welcome we had here.
It kept us going forward, that's what all indie devs need.
It's been an amazing ride.

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03-21-2018, 12:36 PM
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Looks cool. Cartoony games are fun to play. I look forward to trying it ESPECIALLLLLLLLLY since its not a freemium game. I have spent alot of cash over the years on the app store hhhaha and the game I hang on to playing are the 2.99$ 1.99$ etc. If the in app purchases isnt for expansions, there is a 25% chance Id even download it. I love supporting indie developers!

03-21-2018, 12:40 PM
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Thanks man! Yeah, I get you on freemium games. Can't wait for this business model to disappear or finally come clean (only good example for me is Rocket League !)

Let me know if you enjoyed it, or for any criticism ! It's very useful for us indies
03-21-2018, 12:44 PM
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Sure thing, Ill play it tonight and let you know. I appreciate the invite
03-21-2018, 12:46 PM
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Sweet! Glad it’s finally coming out just signed up and told my friends

Game center:dreadnokv1/ Twitter:@dreadnokv1
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03-21-2018, 01:24 PM
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Just added you ! That's fantastic mate

I'm in France, so I'll add up all the email adresses when I'm awake, don't worry if you don't get it right away !
03-21-2018, 01:50 PM
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Done and done

Looks awesome
03-21-2018, 02:28 PM
Submitted 👍. Will be happy to give some impressions.
03-21-2018, 03:38 PM
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I gave it a try. Itís not for me. If it wasnít a runner it would be though. Itís not your game, itís me I just donít like runners. But I will say it looks very good and the sounds are nice. Some of the swipes felt a little off, like Iíd swipe backwards to hit 1 guy but nothing happened and Iíd get hit, or Iíd try and roll forward into a group of enemies before punching them and again, nothing would happen and Iíd get hit, but sometimes the swipes worked fine so I dunno maybe it was just me. Anyways itís a good looking game that Iím sure anyone who likes runners will enjoy. I personally didnít read info about the game thoroughly enough otherwise I would have known before taking up a spot to test . Lol.
03-21-2018, 03:59 PM
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Thanks a lot guys !

@dbagga84 : don't worry about taking a spot ^^ Thanks for the feedback ! To have the swipes working well, we put a minimum distance to actually swipe with your finger in order to launch the attack.
Sometimes, very quick swipes are not accounted for, but we cannot really avoid it : if we allowed them, you'd be launching attacks every second without wanting it !

It's fun that you say that about runners ! I have the same opinion (life can be weird sometimes ), that's why I put so much gameplay in ours.
The game we had in mind at first, was a pure beat-them-all, with dynamic features to kill the player if he didn't move forward fast enough (to avoid static panels with enemies incoming, rather slow).

If (let's imagine) we were going to start all over, with all that we learned, I think we could pull it off.
But, as young indies with a clock and no money, we made some choices, cut some ideas, and we focused on delivering something solid ^^

Our first project failed because it was too ambitious, our next one will be (fingers crossed), so stay around