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Racing game Throttle Control

03-23-2018, 02:43 AM
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Racing game Throttle Control

Hi All,

I usually develop non games software but have used Unity for the odd VR/AR project. I had a block of time before a project started so decided to expand my Unity knowledge by doing a little game. It was a relatively short time, 4 weeks so things had to be simple.

I used to love Super Sprint in the arcades, so with that I decided to try to write a little homage and have something to play for a laugh. As the local multiplayer was one of the best features I wanted to do that here. That required some thought with controls etc

I started this using 3D models but realised that I didn't have time ( I am a programmer so any artwork is both amateurish and time consuming) so switched to 2D. I then found that all my time was drawing assets etc so went one step further and used simple neon style pure 2D. It serves the game well I thin as it is simple enough to look clean while having a certain style to it.

So this is the result. Throttle Control. It can be played as a single player game, in this mode the camera is zoomed on the player and scrolls around the track. If more than 1 player is selected it shows the entire track, like Super Sprint, and you play on the one device! It is pretty fun doing that with 4 of you each holding a corner of the screen

The AI is pretty neat, it doesn't rely on any data files or "learning", it does everything on the fly. Each race improves the AI, I can currently only reach around level 16 without having to retry Retrying reduces the AI level slightly so you can find a good balance. You have to win to go to the next round.

You collect tokens during races to unlock more tracks (I will be updating with more as I get time) or to buy a continue if you don't win.


It is completely free but I have included rewarded ads (so no annoying pop-ups or banners - they are completely voluntary). If you want to quickly get tokens you can just watch an ad, simple.

It is fast paced and I have tried to polish it in the time I had, the track distorts with your impacts and thrust effects etc. I dare say it has improvements to be made - it has no music for example and the sound effects are sparse. Android only for the moment as I have no iPhone to test on and this was pretty much a personal game that I decided to make public.

03-23-2018, 09:31 AM
Joined: Mar 2018
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some pics

Some screenshots.