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App description: Keep moving ! Roll and jump - but never stop in this new addicting game! The longer you keep moving without getting stopped by one of the many obstacles or traps, the more points you get.

How long can you manage this thrill of speedp? Will you be able to beat the Highscore and climb to the top?

- Many different color schemes to unlock
- Speedy gameplay
- Unique graphic style
- Record your run with Everplay
- Compete with friends via GameCenter

pixelsplit's comments:


we just overhauled our old game "Never Stop" and updated it to version 2.0. We overworked the complete graphics, balancing, etc.. The game has a quite complex plot You are a ball, you are rolling, ball is getting faster, obstacles appear, never hit obstacles - otherwise ... find out yourself

We made the game free, added some ads + an ad-free option for players who'd like to support us.

We are looking forward to any feedback and how we can improve the game.

- Pixelsplit

EDIT: Interestingly the screenshots here are a partially updated, also the publisher name of the app. A mod minds to update the respective DB entry?
03-24-2018, 11:57 AM
Joined: May 2009
Posts: 838
This is great. Easy to learn but it ramps up in complexity nicely. The simple presentation is exactly whats needed for this sort of game.

Banner ads and pop ups on game over. Remove ads for .99. Its a no-brainer, right? Wrong.

I wont be buying it or recommending it unless an update comes along that allows us to mute the music but not the SFX.
I dont know why Im always so shocked that games still do this. Am I alone in finding this a big deal? I want the gameplay based feedback but I dont want the music, is that so much to ask? *sob*

*sniff* Anyway; its good. Please sort out the above and Ill spend my quid in a heartbeat.