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App description: Friends always manage, because they stick together, no matter what. Five friends are walking through the ancient Castle Balthasar, that is embedded in Europa-Park, one of the largest theme parks in the world.

They enjoyed a fabulous day together filled with stunning rollercoaster rides, spectacular shows and lots of fun. While having a break at Balthasar Castle they step on a hidden trap door and are falling into the underground of the castle. Below the castle they get lost in a mysterious maze of forgotten dungeons. They are all alone but they know they can escape only together. Watch out the "Nightgrabber" on the way out, that is trying to keep them in the dungeon and putting obstacles into their way.

Key Features
- Puzzle and Skill game mode
- All characters with different exclusive abilities
- Combination of different character skills required
- Control of all characters
- Intuitive control and tutorial
- Friends always manage, because they stick together, no matter what

nyanpass's comments:

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04-03-2018, 10:37 AM
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If the game was classified as a puzzle, it would have been somewhat popular...
This game supports 10 languages.(English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Czech)

There are more things in heaven and earth.
04-03-2018, 10:39 AM
Looks interesting. I must give it a go.
PS I wonder what’s that “redeem special edition” button means

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04-03-2018, 12:40 PM
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isn't game old 2 years?
04-03-2018, 09:18 PM
Originally Posted by ip4weather View Post
isn't game old 2 years?
Well, it’s never too late to add it, lol