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App description: Control your meow star, explore, avoid traps, solve puzzles, gather powerful abilities, escape from the chamber, defeat the powerful enemy, and challenge yourself.
Hand and brain perfect coordination, operation double rocker action shooting.

Retro pixel style.
Special screen operation mode, fierce confrontation.
Collect 5 kinds of guns and different props to fight.
A variety of trap organs, agile to avoid.
Using a variety of action combinations, the hand and the use of the brain to overcome the enemy.
Observation of the environment, reasonable prejudgement. Using a ladder water pipe transmitter, a rocket vehicle escapes the chamber.
21 special levels.
Defeat the powerful Boss.
The keys are collected to understand the strong viability of the Cat.
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Contact e-mailhanaisi@aliyun.com

nyanpass's comments:

04-03-2018, 01:39 PM
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I did not find YouTube videos for this game, but the video in the App Store is interesting.

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