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[GUIDE] Warhammer Quest 2 - Meister von Nichtmark's Fechtbuch and Travelling Diary

04-05-2018, 03:05 AM
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[GUIDE] Warhammer Quest 2 - Meister von Nichtmark's Fechtbuch and Travelling Diary

Bradknowles asked me if I could just infodump my notes, as I won't be getting around to turning them into a proper guide anytime soon.
Sure, no problem, so here you go.

Please note that not all of the information presented might still be accurate and/or representing my current views on any particular subject - e.g. what I think is the best setup for a specific hero, etc.

Oh, and:

If you have any questions, suggestions, corrections andsoforth, please post in the main WHQ2 thread here http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=312894.
As well, you can always ask on TA's Discord, Warhammer Quest 2 channel. Best do an @nullzone, then I'll get a notification about it.

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General tips and tricks

General tips and tricks:

- focusing on ranged damage makes the whole game A LOT easier
- try to get good equipment from Easy/Medium sidequests. Save (very) hard ones till ~level 5 if you want to play it safe.
- if no sidequest has good stuff, you can enter one and immediately retreat: this will cancel it, and a new one pops up in its stead.
- you’re in no hurry: you can wait a few turns before entering a new room to cooldown Bandages, saves on the Healing Potions.
- Level up as little as possible. It's very easy to find heroes with a lot better stats and higher levels in the Inns. And frequently with really good equipment whose value goes beyond what the monetary one suggests: E.g. Weaponmaster (-1AP/attack) costs only 100g, but is one of the most powerful skills in the game. And past lvl4/5, hiring is cheaper than leveling, even without taking items into account. And when you hire a good lvl5/6, focus on him with killfeeding and levelups.

- get 3x Bandages & 3x Healing Potions early on
- Captain with Griffon Shield makes a great early tank
- Captain’s Bomb is nice early AoE
- Give the Gladeguard’s Shortsword to Captain or Bloodknight.
- Try to get another Shortsword asap
- Replace Maces with Hammers asap
- Gladeguard: get the 2AP Shortbow if you can find it
- Mage & Slayer: get them 2AP weapons or Weaponsmaster for -1AP/attack
- Bloodknight is good as he comes for early game
- Try to always carry at least 2 damage types on each hero. Exception: Ranged Gladeguard (pierce), ranged Captain (blunt)
- keep some unused heroes around to eat ambushes where you aren’t sure you can / won’t be able to win (e.g. against Trolls early on): enter, and leave immediately. If a benchwarmer takes an injury, who cares?
- Spear Beastmen are very dangerous even later: they attack from 2 range, 7 damage most of the time, and can crit.
- Anything with a torch/fire damage is top priority for a facefull of murder with extreme prejudice.

From Perchang Pete:
Unless specified STR is used for the damage. Obviously there are various items/weapons that switch things around. But, yeah, unless otherwise specified STR is used for staffs & bows. INT is not used for healing.

Strength = more damage in attacks
Dexterity = more accuracy (less missed attacks)
Speed = more Deathblows
Intelligence = different depending on the item you are using, you need to read the weapon cards really.

First thing, the resistances. The white portion of the bar denotes the amount of resistance from 0 to 100%. For the Warriors the bars grow from left to right, for the enemies they grow from right to left. So, in both cases, they grow towards the middle of the screen and a full white bar denotes maximum resistance.

The damage calc for an engagement is as follows (if the enemy has 50% resistance to your weapons damage type):

(Warrior Strength + A random value between weapon damage min and weapon damage max) * 0.5

The resulting value is then divided over the number of attacks of the weapon. So, for a character with strength 10 holding a weapon with damage 30 and 2 attacks hitting an enemy with 50% resistance to the weapon damage type:

The total possible for the engagement is.. (10 + 30) * 0.5 = 20

That 20 is then divided between each attack, so you get max damage of 10 on each attack. We then use the warriors dexterity in another calculation to determine if each of those attacks will hit or miss.

I hope that helps. The different modifiers on all the weapons, skills, items, armours etc all get involved at various points too. So, it's more complex than this but this is the basic calculation...

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04-05-2018, 03:11 AM
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Area & Monster list

Towns Middenland:
Altdorf: Shop, Inn, Trainer
1. Carroburg: Shop, Inn
2. Bahrenfahre: Shop, Trainer
3. Deathknell Tower: Shop, Inn
4. Grossfurre: Shop, Trainer
5. Brockel: Shop, Inn
6. Middenstag: Shop, Inn
7. Grimmenhagen: Shop, Trainer
8. Middenheim: Shop, Inn
9. Drakwald: Shop, Trainer

Towns Reikland:
Altdorf: Shop, Inn, Trainer
1. Bogenhafen: Shop, Inn
2. Holthusen: Shop
3. Helmgart: Shop, Inn
4. Molenfurt: Shop, Trainer
5. Uebersreik: Shop, Inn
6. Grunberg: Shop, Trainer
7. Wittgendorf: Shop, Inn
8. Auerswald: Shop, Trainer
9. Dunkelberg: Shop, Inn

Towns Talabecland:
Altdorf: Shop, Inn, Trainer
1. Torpin: Shop, Inn
2. Castle Reikguard: Shop, Trainer
3. Kemperbad: Shop, Inn
4. Guttow: Shop, Trainer
5. Ravenstein: Shop, Inn
6. Talabheim: Shop, Inn, Trainer

Monster Damage Resistances:
Beastman Bestigor: 50% Pierce/Slash
Beastman Gor: 50% Slash
Beastman Ungor: None
Giant Bat: None
Giant Pox Rat: 50% Crush, 100% Slash
Giant Spider: 90% Pierce
Minotaur: 10% Pierce/Crush, 60% Slash
Nurglings: 60% Pierce, 40% Slash
Pestigor: 40% Pierce, 30% Crush
Plaguebearer: 100% Slash
Puppet Villager: 80% Pierce/Crush
Putrid Blight King: 40% Pierce, 20% Crush, 10% Slash
Skaven Assassin: 10% Pierce, 10% Slash & high Deflect
Skaven Clan Rat: 60% Slash & Deflect
Skaven Plague Monk: 50% Crush
Skaven Stormvermin: 60% Pierce, 40% Slash
Skaven Warlord: 90% Pierce, 50% Crush, 20% Slash
Stone Troll: 50% Pierce, 100% Slash

Bloodletter: 60% Pierce, 50% Crush, 70% Slash
Khorne Beastman Gor: 50% Slash
Khorne Chaos Warrior: 100% Pierce, 10% Crush, 5% Slash
Khorne Gor Champion (storyquest 2): 60% Crush, 80% Slash
Marauder: None
Marauder Leader (storyquest 1): 10% Pierce, 100% Crush, 100% Slash
Mymax the Wicked (storyquest 4): 40% Pierce, 10% Crush, 5% Slash
Korr the Bloodied (storyquest 7): 40% Pierce, 20% Crush, 10% Slash

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04-05-2018, 03:13 AM
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All Elven Mages game

4 Mages: 2 ranged lvl1, 2 melee lvl2
Here's an earlier (long) play report of mine: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...postcount=545]

Anything below here is old and unstructured notes:

Altdorf: Bought Sunfire Gem 100g & Golden Crown of Athrazar 300g in advance.

- Storyquest Bloody Water: medium win, Shortsword, Hammer, 50g. Shortsword for 2nd blademage, sell hammer * 2x elfsword. The bladepansies rock with 5 spd.
- Storyquest Cryptic: easy win, spear, 500g.
- Deathknell: bought Shadowrobes 300g. Swap them & Spear in.
- Sidequest Hard Rats “Ring of Regeneration”: easy win, 150g.
- Leveled up: Talilma lvl2 +5HP, Thasanne lvl2 +1AP. The Regen Ring went to Myriad.
- Storyquest Puppetmaster: easy win, 190g
- Hard Nurglings “Ring of Speed”: 550g, hard win. Minotaurs are a real threat, can oneshot Mages, need several turns to focusfire kill them.
- Levelup: Malefic 2->4 +5HP +1 Slot. Myriad 3 +1 Slot. Malefic World Dragon Robe, Myriad Leaping Gold Blade & Torch.
- Storyquest Monsterhunt: medium win, 275g Greatsword sell
- Medium Gor (+Minotaurs) GS Fullplate (sell): hard win, 500g, Sunfire Gem
- levelup: Talima 3 +5HP, Myriad 4 +5HP, Thasanne 3 +1AP / 7
- gave the Rangeds 1x Chargeshot and 1x Weaponmaster, 1x Torch for melee
- Storyquest “The Castle Gardens”: easy win, 150g, Stave
- Middenstag Keep: bought Fiery Convocation 100g
- Medium Cave Spider Torch: easy win, 425g
- levelup: Talilma 4 +1Slot +Fiery Convocation, Thisanne 4 +1Slot +Monsterhunter
- Storyquest “Reflections of Nurgle”: easy win, 100g, Stave
- Storyquest “Amber Hammer” (bring ranged defense): medium win, 225g, sell Dagger
- Swap Torches for Staves. Malefic swap Shortsword for Stiletto, Myriad Regen Ring for Potion. Levelup Thisanne +1 Slot - Regen Ring
- Medium Gor “Armor of Meteoric Iron”: hard win, forgot to note the rest.
- Malefic got a -1 DEX injury from random encounter w/ priest (chose “stay put”).
- Altdorf: Bought Averlorn Staff for Thisanne - like it so far.
- Hard Minotaur “Amulet of Morr”: easy win, Staves are really good vs Minotaurs. 50g, Weaponmaster.

Move to Reikland to farm sidequests:
- Hard Giant Spider “Phoenix Blade”: easy win, 500g, Stubborn.
- levelup Malefic 5 (to heal injury) +1 Slot. Gave her Focus.
- Medium Clanrats Merwyrm Robes: Easy win, 150g.
- Dunkelberg: Bought Sunfire Staff 300g, went to Malefic replacing Sword. Talima swapped Fiery Convocation for Speed Ring. Myriad swapped Stiletto for Spear - good first impression.
- Medium Giant Rat “Staff of Light”: easy win, 175g, Curing Potion
- Morlenfurt: Bought Apotheosis 100g
- Medium Giant Rats Healing Potion: easy win, 550g
- Ambush Pox Zombies: easy win, World Dragon Robes

Altdorf: Book of Hoeth 1k
Bahrenfahre: Ring of Intellect, Khaine’s Ring of Fury
Middenstag Keep: Staff of Avelon 900g, Robes of the Merwyrm 100g

Auerswald: Cloak of Lileath 100g, Book of Hoeth 900g
Dunkelberg: Fiery Convocation, Stave, Khaine’s Ring of Fury

- Fiery Convocation has too short range, not making that much use of it.
- Staves are the superior choice over Torches, especially when you fight melees stationary.

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On the new Heroes - Wardancer, Warpriest, Ogre

Here's an earlier post I wrote about them, with quite a few details: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...&postcount=741

And a followup post about what I think is the best setup for them: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...&postcount=765

A list of which ones I found so far:

All of them are good for a Speedbuild, with Acrolo needing the least to support it.
Corna lvl1: stats 5 15 2 3 5 1 4slots, total 23. Twin Blades, Leap.
Thornae lvl1 500g: stats 5 15 3 4 5 1 5slots, total 26. Twin Blades, Leap.
Thislis lvl4 1800g: stats 6 20 5 5 5 2 5slots, total 32/29. Moondancer, Loec's Blessing, Jump Up.
Acrolo lvl 5 2500g: stats 6 25 3 5 7 1 6slots, total 33/29. Blades of Orion, King of the Woods, Leap. Slightly better than Thislis, due to higher Speed, one more slot, and only 1 Int. Note though that his Strength is only 3, so you'll need to boost that a bit (e.g. with Aggression) if you want to use Str for damage.
Dillios lvl2 1000g: stats 5 20 3 4 5 1 5slots, total 27/26. Loec's Blades, Talismanic Tattoos, Leap

Hemma Wagner lvl1: stats 5 35 3 3 2 3 5slots, total 28
Gisela Kraus lvl1: stats 5 35 3 4 3 3 5slots, total 30, Griffon Hammer, Protection Scroll, Divine Blessing, Prayer to Sigmar
Arda Happe lvl3 1800g: 6 35 3 4 3 5 6slots, total 34/32, Griffon Hammer, Ceremonial Armour, Divine Blessing, Prayer to Sigmar
Frederika Rogge lvl2: 5 35 3 4 3 5 6slots, total 33/32, Hammer, Holy Armour, Divine Blessing, Prayer to Sigmar
Lamberta Jahn lvl5 2600g: 5 35 5 5 4 4 7slots, total 37/33, Sigmar's Faith, Armour of Ulric, Sigmar's Fury, Prayer to Sigmar

Buk Rockbuster lvl1: stats 5 55 3 3 1 1 5slots, total 29
Kodd Darkcut lvl1 500g: stats 5 55 3 4 2 1 5slots, total 31, Giant's Club, Charge
Skruk Stonehead lvl3 1000g: stats 5 55 5 4 3 1 5slots, total 34/32, Ogre Gauntlets, Gutplate, Charge
Bres Beastgrip lvl6 2700g: stats 6 70 5 4 3 2 5slots, total 39/34. Siegebreaker, Gut Maw, Charge
Gludd Darksplitter lvl5 1700g: stats 5 65 6 4 4 2 6slots, total 40/36. Butcher's Cleaver, Golgfag's Gutplate, Charge.

Most of the info below you can find in the two posts listed above too. But I don't have the time to check in detail and clean it up, so here goes:

Melee only, obviously. 2 attack range with his Clubs comes in handy.
With a clear focus on Crushing damage, the Siegebreaker is just too good (even with its measly 5% critchance).
Piercing & Slashing are secondary inferior options, and at least for me were harder to find. But at least he has all 3 damage types, which is good. Also note that those weapons only have range 1.
Armour preference is for the Gutmaw with its 50% chance to regen 5hp each turn.
Only needs 3 slots to work fine: weapon, armour, Charge. Leaves enough room to play around: I use Weaponmaster, Relentless (+1AP on enemy death; more than one of them stacks), Speed Ring. With 1AP per attack and regaining 1 on each kill, he can waltz through rooms full of chaff pretty much on his own.
Charge gives him great mobility, and he has enough HP to just shrug off almost everything thrown his way: Charging him right into the middle of a room and then going to town on enemies works perfectly well. Added bonus that he acts as a fire magnet.
Aggression is a great choice for a passive skill, boosting his Str by 2 when he moves (which he should anyways).

Ogre Endless Slaughter setup:
Needs 5 slots to work ok, 6 for endless loop.
Siegebreaker Club (2AP), Focus, Speed Ring, Weaponmaster, 2x Relentless.
Charge and Gutmaw to round him out at 7/8 Slots.

Wardancer setup:
Shortsword, Moondancer, King of the Woods, Weaponsmaster, Leap.
2nd Weaponsmaster, replace Shortsword w/ Daith's Reaper (SW doesn't benefit from extra WM due to its 2AP cost; Reaper goes to 2 from 4, Moondancer to 1 from 3.
Doesn't need a Speedring.
Last slot has options: e.g. Acorn of Ages to refill AP, Ancient Staves for Crush damage (down to 1 from 3AP), Potion for extra healing.

Btw: Focus is better than Aggression due to +10% tohit per hit.

Melee-focused, with skills and the Captain's bombs being their only ranged options so far.
Same as Ogre, clear focus on Crushing, with all the Hammers and skills for them and other weapon types not easily available.
Only Slashing weapons I saw so far are the small Handaxe and the huge 2handed Greataxe (4AP).
Their 3 Hammers I've seen so far are inferior to the standard Hammer, with the exception of the one good against Marauders being very much geared for the new Talabec campaign.
UPDATE: Now that I have Weaponsmaster, I switched to the Sigmar's Faith hammer for a bit, and I found it better than the standard Hammer.
The two-handed Warhammer is an option for more damage, but precludes using a shield.
And of course, once you get your hands on a Knuckleduster, they turn into damage monsters.
Piercing damage is a little easier to get, but very much on the low side so far with Dagger, Stiletto, Spear, and the Captain's two Bombs for AoE.
For armour, the best one I found so far is the Holy Armour, directly followed by Armour of Ulric. Which one you use depends on what damage types you face.
For shield, the Griffon Shield is the obvious choice. If you face mostly melee enemies, Sigmar's Glory with 60% Melee Deflect (but 0% Ranged) is great.
If you can find it, definitely give them the Jade Griffon accesory, 50% chance to regen 5hp every turn.
I didn't make much use of their exclusive skills yet. But I can see that a support build to boost your damage dealers is perfectly viable, especially when combined with the Ogre's and Wardancer's high mobility.
For fun, I gave them two Aggression skills for a while, as the Str bonus stacks. This leaves room to replace the second Aggression with something else, e.g. a ranged damage skill, Speedring or another weapon.
Overall, you don't need many slots to make them work well: a weapon or two, armour and shield, a Healing/Curing Potion, and you are all set.

Also melee only, didn't find any ranged weapons for him yet. Not that he needs them with his excellent mobility thanks to Leap.
Slashing damage is his primary, then Piercing, with Crushing a rarer third.
Lots of Swords on offer for him, with more kinds of damage and AP ranges than you can shake a stick at.
Also, a good class-specific Spear for Piercing, Moondancer (Weaponmaster or "Dance: Storm of Blades" recommended, as it needs 3AP). Crushing is a bit harder with the Staves, but possible as well.
I replaced the Twin Blades with a Shortsword asap: 1 more attack, more damage, and 30% Critchance as opposed to the Twinblades' 0. The Blades' +2Str bonus isn't necessary early on, and later becomes obsolete anyways (as you have better options to boost Str).
Only problem is that he is rather squishy and needs a lot of slots to really work. E.g. Leap is pretty much mandatory, plus Weaponmaster and/or the "Dance: Storm of Blades" skill. Not much room left for armour and different weapons before you hit 7 or 8 slots. The two "armours" I found so far (Loec's Blessing, Talismanic Tattoos) do not really entice me.
If you need protection from ranged attacks, there's his "Dance: Woven Mist" skill which gives you 30% ranged deflect. For extra durability, combine with the Silver Seal (gives 10% to ranged & melee deflect, cooldown 3, 0AP to use).
However, Loec's Blessing (use Speed not Strength for damage) should synergise well with higher Speed (if you don't use a Speed-based weapon): Blades of Orion add +3 Speed, but don't use Speed for damage.
Speedbased weapons gives us the Dagger and Stiletto for Piercing damage, and Loec's Blades for Slashing. No speed-based Crushing option so far.
UPDATE: Found the "King of the Woods" tattoo, great piece: 10% Slash & 30% Crush resistance, plus you get 1AP and +1 Speed when you open a room.
In addition, there's the "Token of the Hunter King" which sets your Strength to your Speed value: it makes using a Str-based weapon with a Speedbuild a great option. Downside is you need quite a few slots and rather rare/specific equipment to make it work.
Aggression is a great choice for passive skill: just like with the Ogre, you want to move him every turn anyways.
Speedring is another great option, for more Deathblow goodness even when you don't go for a Speedbuild.

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General thoughts on the Elven Mage

VERY VERY squishy.
Low end of the damage scale.
Need quite a few slots to make them work well.
Focus on Piercing damage. Which is a problem, as many enemies in Middenland are Pierce-resistant.
Funny enough, in my play report here http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...&postcount=545 I don't mention at all how bloody tedious it is to kill all the Pierce-resistant stuff like the Giant Spiders, Bestigors and whatnot. Reading back on it, I indeed did most of Middenland in melee, quote "The bladepansies rock with 8 SPD total, lots of Deathblows."
However, also note that I wrote a lot of dungeons down as "easy win", which feels rather odd in hindsight. But that was pre-ambushes, so things definitely were different back then.

Slashing and Crushing damage is hard to come by; only got Slash on melee weapons, and Crush on one Spell and two weapons (Torch, Stave 4AP).
Crowdcontrol isn't that easy either, as Fiery Convocation has pretty short range at 5. Plus, it sets a 3x3 area on fire, which can be problem as it cuts off your way (especially nasty when you either can't get to a ranged enemy or get ambushed and sandwiched between enemies and fire with no room to maneuver). Use with care.

Also, you really need to think about how you kit them out, e.g. combining low Str with a Str-based weapon isn't optimal except for dealing with chaff.
All Mages I've seen so far start with 1 Str only, severely limiting them in that damage department.

Melee Mage is possible, but
a) a bit hard to pull off, as you need specific equipment.
b) the hardest setup I came up with so far: 4 Melee Highelf Mages is really hard to play, very much on the suicidal side of the scale.
That noted, if you feel like a real challenge, give it a try.

In general, for an early game mage party you should go for:
- A ranged staff for everyone: Sunfire or Light Staff are the options here. Pay attention that Sunfire also sets stuff on fire.
- Melee backup weapon: ideally a Stave (4AP) for Crushing, Torch as secondary option. Slashing you can get from the Elven Sword, Shortsword, Phoenix Blade, or Leaping Gold Blade (res-ignore), but the latter two are rather rare. Phoenix also sets things on fire, handle with care.
- Potions on at least 3, on all 4 is even better. Add Apotheosis as soon as you can find it.
- Armour: For Middenland, Cloak of Lileath (50% ~Pierce), Worlddragon Robe (40% Pierce), or the Atrazar Crown (50% ranged deflect) are good choice due to the many Archer enemies.
- Fiery Convocation does Crushing, but has only 5 range and sets a 3x3 area on fire, easily causing problems with blocking your path. I'd use it only if you have no other option for Crushing.

Slots needed:
Healing - ideally Potions and Bandages or Apotheosis.
Armour - cause they are squishy, and you want to use the "Int for damage" at least on some of them.
Weapons - at least two. Usually a ranged staff, and a melee weapon or damage spell.
Skills - the more the better. E.g. Weaponsmaster is sorely needed due to their low damage output. For a non-Int build, Focus is pretty good, as is Aggression.

Book of Hoeth: Fill all AP. 0AP, cooldown 5. 1000g.
Soul Quench: very long-range (10?) 3-hit Crush damage, uses Str for dam. 2AP, no use limit. Goes best w/ the "Int dam" Shadow Robes armour if you want serious damage numbers. Can crit, but chance is not listed.

Weaponmaster works with everything, not only weapons. Should be an option to give it to a Mage kitted for support, especially if you need more AP than he has to cast the whole battery in one go.

Skip single-attack stuff like Khaine's Ring of Fury, Staff of Avelorn or Spear.
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Bloodknight general thoughts, BK-only game notes, BK stats

General thoughts:
While Luka nominally has 1 more stat than Radion & Vadik, it's only 2HP.
Both are the better choice in my opinion:
Rodion because he comes with really high Str, meaning you can focus on boosting something else.
Vadik has much lower Str than Rodion, but a lot of HP; plus the Runefang, which is a great weapon as it ignores resistances. Bloodshield is a nice bonus.
I'd gear Rodion up with a two-handed weapon as main, to deal with tougher opponents. And Vadik to deal with chaff mostly until you can give him more Str.
Note that Nikolai might be worth hiring (and immediately dismissing again) for his armour alone, it's one of the best you can get.
Both Luka's Bloodarmour and Vadik's Unholy Power are pretty sucky in comparison, due to their negative side effects. I'd replace them with the Barrowarmour asap, and live with being less tanky.
However, the Bloodarmour can be a great choice if you can mitigate the possible HP loss easily: on average, you need a full heal once per 20 turns.
In the long run I prefer to choose Rodion and Vadik twice each.

All Bloodknight game:
2x Yuri Herwig lvl1, Nicolai Bessemer lvl2, Vadik Wittgenstein lvl3
The Herwigs and Nicolai are the worst in total stats, aiming to replace them with 1xVadik and 2xRodion.
For now, two are kitted with twohanded weapons, and two with onehanded and shield.
Found a Gaze of Nagash and could afford it: a bit expensive at 4AP early on, but great skill - and looks fantastic. Also crits at a decent rate, 30% at least I guess. Has Range 6.
The twohanded Warhammer is great against Minotaurs and Stonetrolls: when you land a crit, even with a measly Strength 3 you can score 100-125 damage, oneshotting even a tough Troll.
UPDATE: One addition from later: Gaze of Nagash is great. Unless you want to play all/mostly melee, I'd give it to as many BKs as possible.

Luka Heider lvl5 3000g. 6 47 5 4 2 3 5slots, total 35/31. Longsword, Bloodarmour, Bloodshield.
Nikolai Bessemer lvl2 1700g. 6 35 4 3 2 3 4slots, total 29/28. Mace, Templehof Armour.
Rodion Nadelmann lvl4 2600g. 6 35 8 3 2 3 4slots, total 33/30. Handaxe.
Vadik Wittgenstein lvl3 1600g. 5 50 3 4 3 3 4slots, total 32/30. Runefang, Armour of Unholy Power, Bloodshield.
Yuri Herwig lvl 1 0g. 5 45 3 3 2 3 4slots, total 29. Longsword.

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Empire Captain & Elf Mage stat list

Empire Captain:
Cannot use Shield when wielding Pistols.
Bombs only have 3 uses/dungeon, but doesn't say in desc.
Ernhalt Weiss lvl2. Stats 5 35 3 3 3 1 5slots, total 27/26 . Hammer, Half Plate, Griffon Shield.
(Yesyes, I didn't note down any others Captains yet...)

Elf Mage:
Afekorae the Clever lvl1 600g. Stats 5 12 1 3 3 5 4slots, total 24. Staff of Light.
Amnaci the Valiant lvl4. Stats 5 22 1 4 3 5 5slots, total 28/25. Staff of Light, Cloak of Lileath.
Talilma the Brilliant lvl1. Stats 5 12 1 3 3 4 4slots, total 23. Staff of Light, Bandage, Curing Potion. (Starting Mage)
Thasanne the Great lvl3 2600g. stats 6 12 1 3 3 7 5slots, total 28/26. Dagger, Fiery Convocation, Gem of Sunfire.
Illyeti the Flawless lvl4 2800g. stats 5 22 3 4 4 4 4slots, total 29/26. Robes of the Worlddragon, Blade of Leaping Gold.
Maniefni the Swift lvl2 1600g. stats 5 12 1 3 5 4 4slots, total 25/24. Elven Sword, Speedring.
04-05-2018, 03:35 AM
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Greatswords & Slayers: General thoughts, playthrough, stats

General notes:
GS & SL massacred 8 Plaguebearers (ambush) on lvl 2/

Problem enemies:
Giant Poxrats are first problem enemy, w/ full slashing and ~50% crushing res. Neither GS nor Slayer can get pierce afaik, and ignore res is rare and expensive (1000g for Slayer). Plus, they can oneshot you with a crit (saw 40hp damage).
Plaguebearers: 100% Slashing resistance, ouch.

My 3 SL (lvl 5, 5, 6) 1GS (lvl 3) party could not win last Middenheim storyquest, had to flee or get TPK'd near the end vs 2 Minotaurs & ~10 Beastigor.

GS Dietger Totleben (lvl1, you always have him) and Dietger Franke lvl6 have the same total stats: 25 at lvl1
D.Franke comes with Helborg's Greatsword and Sigil of Speed, great combo. Give him a second Speedsigil to max Speed out at 10.
Robert Kass lvl1 500g: stat total 26
Ludwig Weis lvl2 1700g: stat total lvl 1 27, 5 Slots; Greatsword, Meteoric Iron Armor, Sigil of Might (+4 Str, -3 Dex).
Erwin Denker lvl2 1100g: stat total lvl1: 26. Spd 5. Greatsword, Halfplate.

Gridric Bearshout (lvl1 starting Slayer) stat total lvl1: 23
Mungid Steelbone (comes w/ lvl1) stat total lvl1: 24, 1 higher STR than Gridric
Mathen Blunthelm (comes w/ lvl2) stat total lvl1: 24, lower Str but higher Dex & Spd than Mungid. Bonus: Comes w/ Dwarven Axe (1AP) and Rune of Swiftness (use Spd instead Str, actually SETS your Str to your Spd value in combat). Best candidate for Speed-based build.
Idgen Amberfury lvl3, ? Gold, stat total lvl1: 25 . Comes with Grudgebreaker, Slayer Bracers, Speed Ring
Aldin Grudgeflame lvl4 2900g, stat total lvl1: 26. Slayer Axe, Karak Azul Bracers, Alaric's Master Rune (ignore armor), Monsterhunter. Good for Str-based build.