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What should I play on my iPad Pro 10.5?

04-17-2018, 07:27 AM
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What should I play on my iPad Pro 10.5?

I got a brand spanking new Pro recently, partially as a tool but tbh largely as a Switch replacement. I'm wondering some must-haves that will take advantage of the screen size and quality, beastly hardware, and multitouch input to really blow me away.

I already know a lot of the big ones: full PC Ports like Siv6 and DarkestDungeon, console quality games in multiple generas. And TONS of classic RPG and strategy ports. Which are actually fun again on a proper speed device with a big screen and smart controls, and any mobile-spefic masterpieces I've missed lately? I've had an iPhone 6 with a dying battery, so I'm mostly talking iPad only titles and games that run poorly on all but the best hardware. I know I'm being vague genre-rise but I really like games I can pick up for a few minutes, put down, and play something else. I'm actually quiet or Heroes and Castles / Clash Royale type games. I'm playin a strat game where my overall midterm goal is to scout for scary attacks to make last minute defense, pour every other spare dime into income and tech, and try to snowball from there. Love that kinda gameplay.

I just got this thing, I don't even have a case or MFI for it yet, I'm looking for basic level suggestions. What games, app, and accessories will really make me love my Pro. And, someone with zero drawing talent, does the fancy pen offer my anything useful? And are those flap out keyboards even worth the added bulk? Do they truly improve extensive text input THAT much. I was tempted to just get some faux leather flipcase on Amazon, a decemt MFi contolor to. And call it a day. Anything else I need / should strongly consider?

Sorry if this is more a hardware post than a gaming post, I just haven't gotten a current gen apple device since iPad am I'm excited as h*eck
04-18-2018, 02:33 PM
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I'm on a 12.9" Pro, and love it. Mostly for the big screen. Unfortunately there aren't that many (read: "only a handful at best") games (yet) that really take advantage of the powerful hardware.
That said, here's some stuff I can personally recommend:
- Nimian Legends Brightridge: Still THE absolute benchmark when it comes to gorgeous looking stuff on iOS. A metric f-ton of graphic settings you can tweak at your leisure. For comparison: My old Air1 could only handle a modest increase in graphical settings before going belly-up. On the Pro, I can just crank everything up to the max, and it still runs buttersmooth. However, it's a rather quiet exploration-focused game, so it might not be your cup of tea. On the other hand, it's only a buck. If you want to see what's possible on the Beast, here you go It's the only (yes, *only*) game that pushes the Pro's hardware to the max.

- Anything from Wavelight Games. If you like tactical turnbased, they are the best around on iOS. Definitely plays nicer on the big screen compared to the Air.

- Warhammer Quest 2: Again, fantasy turnbased tactical game. Kept me busy for over 200 hours, and Perchang announced another new hero to play with. Plus, I expect more areas with new quest etc. as well, but that's just guesswork and not confirmed.

- Subdivision Infinity: Scifi spaceship shooter. Plays really well on the Pro, and I find it lots of fun - albeit a bit on the short side.

I don't have the Pen, so I cannot comment on it. The reason I didn't buy it is the extremely high price. I am not an artist, so I won't have a use for all the fancy stuff you can do with it. However, I *might* get one for work, depending on what my new job offers in terms of stuff for easy note-taking in digital form.
I frequently use a normal cheap stylus for playing turn-based games, and that works really well for me.

Awesome. Compared to that, the onscreen keyboard is a pain to use. Example:
Until I got the Pro with keyboard, I REALLY dreaded - and actively avoided - writing any longer posts on the touchscreen keyboard, e.g. my game guides. Just a huge pain, especially when you have RSI like me. I *always* used my laptop (with or without external keyboard) to write longer texts.
Now, with the physical keyboard, I for example wrote almost my complete Rogue Hearts guide (see sig) on the Pro keyboard, something I'd never have done with the onscreen keyboard only.
However, take note that the 10.5" keyboard is a good bit smaller than the 12.9" version, so your mileage might vary. The bigger keyboard size (very convenient for my large hands) is what won me over to buy the big Pro - and I was originally dead set on getting the 10.5" version. But less than a minute on their respective keyboards and I went all "let's get the big one".
When I play in bed or on the couch, I always take the keyboard off to save on weight and bulk. (I'm sitting at a table in my smoker's corner while typing all this on the physical keyboard, that works great).
Also, be prepared to shell out the big bucks for the original Apple keyboard: I looked at several other options, e.g. from Logitech, and they all came out way inferior - and not that much cheaper.

Oh, almost forgot: Average typing on it is relatively loud. Not as crazy loud as for example the old IBM mechanical keyboards (CLACKYTACKCLACK!!!), mind you. But still not as silent as I'd expect from a keyboard in that price range.
However, you can type almost completely silent on it; but to do so I have to slow down my typing speed a bit AND really pay attention that I don't hit the keys too hard.

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04-23-2018, 08:16 AM
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Have you played The Room?