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App description: Message Quest is a tiny stained-glass point-n-click adventure about laziness and her herald.
This is a fairy tale in the best tradition of works such as The Hobbit or The Chronicles of Narnia, inspired by the art of Studio Ghibli.

This is the story of a lazy herald called Feste. You may know heralds, the fellows who appear at the beginning of each journey, looking for the hero in an attempt to deliver that call to adventure thing, right before the interesting stuff starts to happen. Thats exactly the job our Feste must do. Find a hero, give him or her a call to adventure, and be done with it. No exploits, no saving the world. But all he wants to do is sleep and eat candy. You must become his conscience and lead him through the struggles and strange encounters of the Interworld Road.

A cute fantastic journey for one evening - the game lasts about an hour and a half, so youll get the full story in one session.

- Unusual stained glass graphics that make everything even more fairy taleish.
- Charming and unpredictable characters who will tell you their life stories.
- Puzzles with traditional mechanics allow you to fully enjoy the story without losing game immersion.
- Funny boss fights in true JRPG style with zany attacks and bonuses.
- A new dialogue system that allows you to control both characters in a conversation.
- Jokes and easter eggs that will surprise you when you least expect it.
- A magical soundtrack written especially for Message Quest that will immerse you in the bizarre fantasy universe of Interworld Road.

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Message Quest (by Maria Kravtsova)

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04-18-2018, 10:51 AM
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This game, which was first released as a PC version on Steam and was well-received, has finally been launched with iOS.


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