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App description: Love Engine is a romantic puzzle game inspired by love itself. Our game designers took an unconventional way to interpret a couples love experience infused with delicate and challenging level design, fresh and aesthetic art style and soothing music representing a story of faith and belief. Players will get on a thrilling journey of touching emotions while use wisdom to solve puzzles of levels engaging in an essential feast of challenging levels, role-playing and euphonic soundtrack.

Design of simplicity and fresh romantic art style brings pleasurable visual enjoyment.
30 challenging levels in 5 chapters require players to use joystick on the screen wisely to complete.
Lose yourself in the relaxing vibe of different themed soundtrack and get on a journey of spiritual exploration through time and space. Best experienced with headphones.

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04-23-2018, 06:16 AM
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The BGM of this game is calm, so it makes you feel better.

The controls are basically up, down, left, and right. so it's easy.
The story is well organized, and the background is really nice too.

It's a good game that you can easily complete with a little thought.

Youtube link | Pop Up

However, some of the game music they used sounds familiar. (Maybe CLANNAD ...)

There are more things in heaven and earth.

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