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App description: After years of peace, the offspring of evil has arisen. Prove yourself, brave knight! Seek the 8 rings of power and bring peace to our land once again!

RPG Quest - Minimae follows in the tradition of classic 8-bit RPGs. Discover a large world filled with creatures to battle, towns to explore and secrets to uncover.

- NEW - MFi game controller support
- Play in Landscape or Portrait orientation
- Universal support, including iPhone 5 and all iPads!
- Post-game quests and "infinite" dungeon!
- Large world to explore with open world gameplay
- Beyond the main quest are other side quests and mini-games
- Synthesized, classic chiptune music (NES style)
- Beautiful pixel art
- Many interesting towns to explore, and people to talk to
- Simple swipe and context-sensitive menu controls
- Audio options to disable only music, or music and sound effects
- Hidden secrets to discover
- Small file size
- Use a bluetooth arcade controller!

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11-04-2009, 10:15 AM
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this is $2.99....? someone wanna TOFTT?

11-04-2009, 11:05 AM
Originally Posted by NomaD View Post
this is $2.99....? someone wanna TOFTT?
Just picked it up. It's definitely interesting: a pixel-art version of an open world, turn-based RPG. The story is suitably minimal: there are 8 rings scattered around the world, go find them. Controls are, well, minimal, but they work. I'll try to post more impressions later.
11-04-2009, 11:09 AM
Just downloaded it; some impressions.

Pixl definitely does a good job of capturing the classic RPG feel. Not classic in the Final Fantasy sense -- it's much simpler than that -- but the graphics and musics bring back memories of a time when RPGs were simpler.

You start the game outside a castle. You can talk to the king about your quest (to retrieve eight rings) or you can just get started right away. I haven't actually found any rings yet so I don't know how that goes, but I did spend some time exploring the map.

While exploring, you'll run into random battles. As you can tell in the screenshot, the options in battle are pretty simple -- attack & run. This isn't a multi-character, each with multiple abilities type epic. Combat is kept very simple on purpose and its effective in that its not long and drawn out.

I eventually came across a town, which offered standard RPG fare (inn, blacksmith, vendors, etc... ) I bought a +1 sword from a vendor and an orb (map) from another. I then left the town and ended up dying; you simply start at the last town you visited when that happens. When I exited the game via home button, I was given the option to start from where I left off or the last town I visited, so it's nice to see that its easy to start/stop.

One minor issue I have is the controls. I'll have to play with it more to see if I'm missing something, but it uses swipe controls to move your character. The problem I have is that my finger constantly has to move around the screen. I'm a fan of d-pad controls, and I think it would suit this game well. This is a minor issue however, as the game still controls very well.

Minmae won't satisfy someone looking for a Final Fantasy epic but it is extremely well suited for iPhone/iPod Touch due to its simplicity. It's the kind of game you can play for a few minutes, make some progress, and then turn it off. I think people are going to be turned off initially due to the fact that it's $2.99 for such a 'simple game', but I always compare it to a Starbucks coffee and that justifies it for me
11-04-2009, 11:13 AM
Originally Posted by lazypeon View Post
Minmae won't satisfy someone looking for a Final Fantasy epic but it is extremely well suited for iPhone/iPod Touch due to its simplicity. It's the kind of game you can play for a few minutes, make some progress, and then turn it off. I think people are going to be turned off initially due to the fact that it's $2.99 for such a 'simple game', but I always compare it to a Starbucks coffee and that justifies it for me
It think lazypeon has it 100% right. Nice review.
11-04-2009, 11:58 AM
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I am well acquainted with the developers and they love their old pixelated RPGs and music! :-) So far, what has been said is right on. I was a beta tester for the game. The game initially reminded me of Dragon Warrior. There isn't really much more I can add to what has already been said. Lazypeon nailed it.

The game is non-linear. You are not forced in any particular direction. This is nice, but also means you really need to make an effort to search everywhere for paths.

The swipe did take a little time to get used to, but after awhile, it no longer bothered me and became natural. If you keep your finger held down, your character will continue to move.

For battles, you can tap the image of the opponent if you want to attack. It's easier than always tapping "Attack".

I actually had a hard time putting down the game. I found myself leaving town and telling myself, "I'll just head out for a bit and stop the next time I rest back in town." I'd rest in town and then tell myself the same thing. :-)

This is a good, fun experience if you want the feel of an old school RPG. To me, it's worth it for the music alone.
11-04-2009, 12:20 PM
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So this is basically 30 Second Hero without the annoying 30second timelimit? ****ING BOUGHT.
11-04-2009, 12:24 PM
Disclaimer: I was a beta tester for Minimae

I was excited to hear that Minimae made it to the AppStore last night and grabbed it right away. I'm just anticipating some more time to play it all the way through now. I'm on my way though.

Some thoughts:

What is retro these days? Are 90's RPGs retro? Yup, but Minimae aims for something a little more retro than that. Think Ultima III or Questron on the Commodore 64. Minimae is a product of growing up with and loving these types of retro RPG. The game is about exploring, discovering, puzzling your way through the landscape sometimes. It's about unravelling a sinister story as the game progresses. It's about managing your resources of gold and health. It's a lot of fun.

I think the developers did a really good job of balancing the gameplay. So far I haven't experienced any of that "grinding away" sort of gameplay that I've encountered in other games. Earlier in the development cycle, it seemed the battles were a bit too easy, now, they're just right. Still I have to stretch myself to press into the wilderness and find that next town because I know I probably won't make it back to the previous one.

As far as the narrative goes, once you start finding a ring or two (want a hint?) you'll know that there is more to the game world than there appears to be on the surface. Something evil is going on. I think that's just a great touch.

In my opinion, using a finger drag for control instead of a virtual d-pad was the right move. If it isn't immediately intuitive for you, give it five minutes. The controls feel very iPhone-esque to me.

If you're concerned that Minimae might be too minimal for you in scope, expect to spend three or four hours to blast through it, and more if you want to find all the secrets.

Now, back to the game, I need to beat Minimae for real!
11-04-2009, 12:39 PM
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Have played a little and it is simplistic, kind of like if they used all the stuff from that minute rpg game, and made it more into afull dragon quest kind of game.

There is no experience for beating enemies, you only get gold.

The only enhancements I have been able to buy so far are orbs that let you zoom out the map (like peek on final fantasy 4) and a sword to upgrade my attack

Finding one if the 8 rings is the only way to increase your health, and the game said enemies get stronger when you do find a ring.

The game looks very expansive, as you have the 8 rings to find, 8 towns, as well as 48 secrets!
The thing that impresses me the most is that I have already found a couple of things that are out of the way that I thought were secrets and the were not!

No potions or any other way to heal yet besides sleeping at the inn in towns.

Auto saves on exit.

Loving the swipe to move, tap anywhere for menu with actions. Feels WAY better than any emulator could do.

Those are my impressions just thrown out there for all to see, sorry If it kind of messy!
11-04-2009, 12:43 PM

It really reminds me of Dragon Warrior for nintendo in some ways. I remember playing that game for hours on end when I was small.