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App description: Play as a young Robin Hood in this original platformer entirely based on stealth and inspired by old 8 and 16 bit classics: sneak around, jump on furniture, hide inside alcoves or behind curtains and columns to outsmart the Sheriff's guards and remain invisible also to the townsfolk to ultimately become a legend.

The game includes 20 carefully crafted levels alternating castles, where you have to steal gold, with humble villages where you have to give the gold back. And don't forget to run away once you have accomplished your task through open doors or windows!
Once all 20 levels have been conquered, a high score mode ("Endless Raid") will be unlocked where levels have to be tackled randomly. How long can you last?

- Retro inspired platform and stealth action
- 20 levels
- Beautiful paint-like hand drawn graphics
- Non violent gameplay
- No in game purchases nor advertisements: just good old school fun!

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