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upcoming best-of-class VR Archery game for iPhone VR

04-25-2018, 11:17 PM
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upcoming best-of-class VR Archery game for iPhone VR

Hi all, I'm the lead developer a new game that I'm really excited about. It is a VR archery game for iPhone, and there's a lot to love:

whimsical, family-friendly mayhem
deep gameplay with multiple maps, endless waves, secondary objectives, and upgrades
revolutionary 6-degree-of-freedom (6DOF) head tracking!

Whimsical, family-friendly mayhem

An evil wizard has enchanted ancient petroglyphs in nearby caves to leap right off the cave wall, and attack our defenses. Only you and your trusty bow can stop them!

I'll admit it: this game is inspired by the Longbow game in Valve's The Lab on Vive. We have the same bendy, charismatic style of enemies that you will just love to pop!

Deep gameplay

But unlike Longbow, frequently described as "surprisingly, my favorite VR game -- I only wish it were longer," our game has plenty of depth to keep you coming back for hours. Earn credits with every enemy you pop, and ten times as much for popping the balloons they sometimes release.

Spend this cash a wide variety of upgrades to survive the increasingly difficult waves of invaders. Upgrades currently planned include:

damage repair
fast draw
strong draw (arrows travel faster/straighter)
piercing arrows
brazier (lets you make flaming arrows)
gate reinforcement
burning oil
powder keg (kaboom!)
balloon generator (for extra cash)
teleport tower (lets you actually travel around the map!)

We're also planning bonus rounds, survival and accuracy leaderboards, trick shots, and more!

Revolutionary 6DOF Head Tracking

Current iOS VR apps only give you three degrees of freedom: you can turn your head, but if you actually move your head, the whole world moves with you. Conventional wisdom has it that iPhone VR is not capable of full 6DOF head-tracking.

But conventional wisdom is wrong. If you have an iOS 11 iPhone capable of running ARKit, and a headset that exposes the rear-facing camera, then our game will give you a full 6 degrees of freedom. So go ahead and walk around your tower; lean forward to shoot an enemy below; stretch to the side for a better angle at that balloon. And make your Vive-touting friends jealous that you do all this with no sensors placed around your room, and no cables attached to your head!

Sounds awesome, what will I need to play?

Not much! You need an iPhone (6s or better running iOS 11, if you want the 6DOF feature). And you need a headset that supports a standard Cardboard 2.0 button, and exposes the rear-facing camera. We like this one, which is about $15 at Amazon. If you haven't tried iOS VR yet, get it! It's only 15 bucks.

Other headsets will work too. If you have a head-mounted (rather than hand-held) one, you may prefer to shoot with a MFi game controller like this. No problem, we support those too!

A revolution in iOS VR

What we're trying to do here is nothing less than revolutionize iPhone VR. With 6DOF head-tracking, optional controller support, and deep, engaging gameplay, we believe VR on the iPhone -- yes, even with a $15 headset -- can be just as fun and compelling as those expensive gaming rigs. But talk is cheap. With this game, we're going to show the world what phone VR can do!


We're still in the early stages of development. I estimate it'll take about ten weeks to finish. But we're a tiny company (just me and my two boys), and we thrive on encouragement. So please make some noise! Subscribe to this thread for updates. Then share your thoughts and ideas, and help us spread the word. We really do appreciate it.
04-26-2018, 04:14 PM
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Beta testers wanted

We're going to need beta testers throughout the development process, to make sure the game looks great and works beautifully on a variety of phones and headsets. (And remember, if you don't have a headset already, you can pick one up for $15.)

So, PM me your Apple ID email address, and we'll get you added to the beta-test group! First beta build should be in about a week.

- Joe