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App description: CODE is a Mastermind/Bulls and Cows type of game.

You are the Codebreaker and your mission is to break the Codemakers codes (and to become the Codemaster), via the Decoding Board (6 x 6 grid) using the Decoding Palette (below the 6 x 6 grid). With the GO!-button you trigger the Code Validator (small 6 x 6 grid with black, red, & white indicators) that shows you the result of the code on the Decoding Board (as feedback). Use Shake Gesture to set a random code into the Decoding Board.

Code Validator results:
- Black = wrong color.
- Red = right color at the right position.
- White = right color, but the wrong position.

The Codemaker has prepared 500 codes (each code consists of a 6 x 6 grid with up to 6 colors) for you to break (it's 5 levels of difficulty with 100 codes each). You start at level 1 & code 1, and you break codes on your way up to become The Codemaster.

You get 100 points at the first try, if correct. Else you get -1 point for every wrong try (minimum points is 1 per code broken).

The game includes over 1 hour of original high quality soundtrack (12 tracks total). The soundtrack is encoded in iTunes Plus quality (256 kbit AAC).

First, you select a color from the Decoding Palette (at the bottom of the screen) and by touching a position in the Decoding Board (above the Decoding Palette), you set the selected color there.

If you want to set a random color Decoding Board, just shake your iPhone/iPod Touch.

When you have set the colors in the Decoding Board and wish to try it with the secret code, then touch "GO!" in the upper right corner. The code will now be validated and the results will show in the Result-grid (to the left of the "GO!"-button).

The result will show you which color is in the right position (red color), which color is the wrong color (black color), and which color is the right color, but the wrong position (white color).

If all colors are correct, then the Decoding Board will automatically be set to the first color (grey) and the Result-grid be set to wrong color (black). This is the indicator that there is a new code to break. You will also notice that Points is updated with the points from the previous code broken.

Level tells you in what level you are in right now and the progress bar (bellow Level) tells you how many codes you broken those far at that level.
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Does anyone know what this game is about and why the file size is so large?

edit: aah forget it, it's the soundtrack

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